Must Read: More Than a Body

If you are a female, read this book.
If you are a male, read this book to know what the females in your life are dealing with.
If you are neither, read this book anyway.
If you have a book club, make this your pick.
If you want to read a book on your own, get this one.

I recently listened to this audiobook, which I purchased through Audible. And now I need to buy a physical copy just to have on hand to flip through at times. Maybe I need the e-book as well! I also strongly feel they need to write a version that is a picture book for little kids and a tween version. (Now that I’ve given the authors homework…)

I liked the way the book helps you take a more critical eye when viewing media (not just movies/magazines… but the social media you consume). I liked how it teaches ways to treat yourself better, so that we are not “objectifying” ourselves.

Self-Objectification is a problem… as women we always talk about how we don’t want to be objectified by others in our life. And yet, we turn around and then break ourselves down into nothing but bits and pieces and ignore the fact that we are whole human beings and every one of us is an individual. This self-objectification problem needs to be discussed more.

Then when you’re sitting around with friends, don’t fall into the patterns of ridiculing body parts. Don’t immediately compliment friends (or strangers) on their looks because every body is so much more than their appearance.

And always remember… your body is for way more than decoration!

Seriously, get the book.

(Amazon links included are affiliate links.)

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