StrideBox February 2021

The February 2021 StrideBox showed up and this month I did something a little different… I made an unboxing video for it! I haven’t edited video much in a looooooooong time. Back in college I had to edit video and that was all tape to tape, back before all the advances in digital editing. I have edited some short videos for my kid, but I want to improve my skills. Although, it’s really hard to keep things in check. I want to buy microphones and lights and cameras… and I should probably hold off and see if I stick with this before I invest a small fortune in the process!

But if you just want to read/browse, I’ve got the details here too!

Without Limits Long Run Recovery Nutritional Shake:
This is a recovery shake in vanilla birthday cake flavor. It sounds good, but I don’t like whey protein powder. So unfortunately I will not be trying it.

Clif Nut Butter bar in Chocolate & Peanut Butter flavor:
Chocolate and peanut butter is one of my favorite flavor combos, so this is one I’m looking forward to trying. Soon… I also try not to eat bars as a snack very often, preferring a “real” food like an apple and peanut butter. And with this pandemic I’m not “on the go” as much where I need a bar stashed in my bag. But I will try this!

ZipFizz Immune Health in berry flavor:
I’m used to the traditional ZipFizz drinks that come in a tube for energy. This is in a packet and I’ve recently see this in Costco ads, so you get a big bag but I think there are a bunch of individual packets inside the larger bag.

Side note: If you have ideas on things to do with the ZipFizz tubes so you don’t create so much waste, drop them in the comments. My suggestion – fill an emptied out tube with a chunky salt and keep it in your running belt/vest. Then if you’re on a long run, you can just lick your thumb, cover the opening on the tub, turn it over so some salt sticks to your thumb, then lick it off. Quick and easy salt delivery.

Viter Energy mints:
This is a pack that contains samples of all five flavors available – Peppermint, Spearmint, Cinnamon, Wintergreen, Chocolate mint. These mints contain caffeine and b vitamins to “boost energy and freshen breath”. All in one!

B’Bites raw nut & seed mix:
This is a little bag of mixed nuts and seeds, with some salt and cinnamon thrown in for good measure. And raisins. Raisins kind of suck… even the California Raisins ads in the 80’s couldn’t convince me otherwise. But the rest of the ingredients I can get behind.

Avanza Skincare foot cream and face wash:
The products are literally called “a cream for rough feet” and “a face wash for athletes”. The foot cream has a peppermint-y smell and the face wash smells citrus-y. I’d buy both of them again. They also have several other products for athletes in their line like body wash and lip balm.

“I love running, I love running, I love running, I’m dying! I love running.”
Definitely felt this…

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