Do Not Buy: Nobranded Leggings

I really need new leggings. I am still kind of in the camp where I feel I can’t wear leggings as regular pants. But I do wear them for running when it’s chilly out. I’m also tired of the running leggings that I have always sliding down, forcing me to hike them up several times during a run. I’ve read the reason your leggings may fall down are predominantly attributed to:

  • They’re too big
  • They’re worn out
  • They’re cheap material
  • You don’t have hips or butt to keep them up.

I definitely have hips and butt. Most of my leggings are from Fabletics, so they’re not crappy material. But I also hate the “subscription” model that Fabletics uses to try to trick people into spending more at their site than they would have anyway. And they didn’t used to fall down, so I assume it’s just that they’re worn out. I mean, they are mostly 6 or 7 years old.

So I’m looking for new leggings. And I learned my lesson quickly that sometimes a cheap item is TOO cheap.

Enter the Nobranded Leggings with Pockets for Women High Waisted Yoga Pants for Women Tummy Control Workout Running Tights from Amazon. They were just $13… a steal, right? I know there are inexpensive leggings on Amazon that aren’t crap, but these are not those.

Cute enough… right?

But still… I love a good bargain, so I ordered them. When I pulled them out of the bag they came in (no, I’m not referring to the shipping bag, but the actual product bag. More on that in a minute.) I could tell from they way they felt right away that they weren’t all that… substantial. In fact, if you hold them up to light without even stretching them at all… light shines through. And if you pull them then you can actually see through them. Like, I could watch television through them.

Not even stretched yet…

I also noticed at least 4 spots where the thread was coming loose and unraveling.

Loose threads, right out of the package

Still, I tried them on… and they’re okay looking… from the side.

Ignore my messed up weighted blanket behind me!

I mean, I’m not sure I would dare to squat in them, given the aforementioned sheerness. But when you look at them straight on, the pocket placement is just rather … wrong. At least on me. It seems to emphasize the thighs in all the wrong ways, one might even use the unfortunate phrase “saddlebags” for this look.

The best thing to come out of this was the bag I mentioned earlier. Most quality clothing doesn’t come in a zip-top bag with the merits of the product touted on it. But this one did and it comes complete with poor English translations.

I mean, at least I know it can keep the shape deformation and that it’s preferably fabrics, sofe. Also, I’m not sure I want to know how these will wake up the body’s functions.

Anyway, I can’t in good conscience recommend these pants to anyone. But for some reason, there are people on Amazon that gave these glowing reviews. I told Amazon I wanted to return these and the money was back in my account within an hour. It’s almost like they were saying, “Yeah, we get it.”

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