T.I.L.: The Athlete’s Gut

The Athlete's Gut by Patrick Wilson, PHD, RD

There is a book being released by Velopress in April called The Athlete’s Gut by Patrick Wilson, PhD, RD.

This book intrigues me, as one with a gut that could be described as finicky on good days and riotous on bad days, I am always desperate for answers. I’ve had troubles my whole life, discovering that lactose was a problem when I was younger, and Franken Berry cereal was a problem… But my stomach issues have increased since I became a distance runner a lot. I don’t know that it’s directly tied to the running, because I’ve also dealt with an eating disorder and E.D. recovery in that time, having a kid, a lot of stressors…. it just all combines to being a mess.

Here is a listing of the chapters/sections in the book I found via Velopress:


Part 1: Gut Function and the Effects of Exercise

Chapter 1: Gut Anatomy and Physiology

Chapter 2: The Origins of Gut Symptoms

Part 2: Nutrition and the Athlete’s Gut

Chapter 3: Energy

Chapter 4: Carbohydrate

Chapter 5: Fat

Chapter 6: Protein

Chapter 7: Fluid and Hydration

Chapter 8: Sodium

Chapter 9: Training the Gut

Chapter 10: Dietary Supplements

Part 3: Psychology and the Athlete’s Gut

Chapter 11: Stress and Anxiety

Chapter 12: Stress and Anxiety Management


Appendix A: Gastrointestinal Disorders

Appendix B: Medications Affecting the Gut

I’m intrigued that there is a whole section on psychology and how our mental state can affect the gut. Because that gut-brain axis is too real.

I may need to order The Athlete’s Gut. Or ask my local library to order it.

T.I.L. = Today I Learned

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