Why is This?

Why do I still have this site?

I don’t have time to post regularly, and when I do it’s usually just about other stuff/things/possessions. Yet I’m not an “influencer” and I barely scrape together some cents from affiliate links when I do post them. This site costs me in the end to keep it up and running. (Ha! This site does more running than me!)

I don’t run races anymore. I literally haven’t run a race in about 2 years. I have moments where I want to run a race, but then other things come up as reasons why I shouldn’t. (sickness, husband’s job, husband’s lack of job, childcare, etc.) Also, local races just feel weird without a squad or posse or crew to attend with, and I don’t have that these days. I am a lone ranger most of the time.

I never envisioned my blog being just reviews of things, but I honestly don’t really care if that’s what it becomes if it’s decent at that. I just want the time to thoroughly test a wide variety of things and post something informative, but not a novel of superfluous fluff. (No stories about my great-granny’s backyard before delving into the purpose of the post… hi food blogs.)

I used to like posting race recaps, but again… I don’t ever race these days. And I can’t bring myself to want to post a mile-by-mile, blow-by-blow recap of each race. Also, how do some of these bloggers remember every step of their race that way? I know that starving myself for years killed some brain cells and I have a child depleting the remaining cells, but there is no way I could remember something like, “And then at mile 2.63 I remember smelling the scent of Downy in the air.” and “At mile 4.72 a gal passed me in the best Lululemon shorts I’ve seen.” Are they dictating all of these thoughts to themselves the whole race?!

For the past year, my running was really disappointing to myself. But so far, 2020 running has been more consistent and satisfying. Still, the farthest I’ve run is a little over 7 miles, that’s a far cry off my days of being ready to run at least a half at any given moment. (Well, let’s be honest… with that 7 miles, I could get through a half if I needed to, but it would probably be pretty uncomfortable.)

I have lots of vacation hours at work to use by June 30, so today I took a few of those and went to run on trails.

Calico Basin at Red Rock National Conservation Area near Las Vegas, NV

That’s my really shining moment in running for the week. So I shared a pic of my running trail today. And just dropped in here to display it and to say, “Hello to anyone who still reads anything here. Why do I have this site still? Anything rad happening in your running life?”


  1. I don’t even run at all anymore :p I don’t even maintain a blog anymore (but i still pay for one) Every now and then i get the hankering to start i tup and I think… but why? no one reads them (except me apparently) and also I don’t need another daily todo. Yetttttttt I like the idea of a journal that is more than a photo (instagram). I don’t know why I’m tellling you all of this other than to say, I still read!

    • Thank you so much for commenting!!! It is nice to know that there are still humans out there reading things. My analytics show some traffic to the site, but I’m not sure they’re anyone really visiting the site or if they’re just people trying to work on link building campaigns. I’m so tired of just getting emails from people saying “I read this post on your site, maybe you should add a link to this article from it.”

      I totally get all of the things you said… no need for extra to-dos, feeling like nobody reads, and yet still unable to give up the idea completely!

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