January 2020 StrideBox

The latest StrideBox found its way into my mailbox, here’s what it contains.

Laird Instafuel Original: This is a mix of coffee, powdered coconut milk, coconut oil, and some sweetener. Apparently there is also an unsweetened version and a matcha version too. (Additionally, the Laird Superfood line has a ton of products. I’m pretty sure I’d need a primer to know when/how I’m supposed to use them!)

Skratch Labs energy chews, matcha green tea and lemon: Energy chews for the long run. (Or an afternoon snack? I once knew someone who ate gels they found in their car one day when they were super hungry.) There are 80 calories per serving, 2 servings in one bag.

PowerBar PowerGel Salty Peanut: I’m kind of excited to try this. Based on how it feels in the packaging, it seems really thin and not as viscous as a typical gel. Plus I’m kind of building back up to half marathon mileage, it’s been a couple of years since I last raced. (I say “kind of” because I’m not actually registered for a race yet.)

Pro:Play Hydration: I got this in lemon lime flavor, but they do have strawberry mango flavor too. It is a low sugar electrolyte drink powder, sweetened with Splenda. This line says it has more electrolytes than most leading brands, plus magnesium.

Run Goo: I’ve tried this before! You can use it to prevent blisters or chafing, but it’s also a really good hydrator for your feet if you put it on then cover your feet with socks.

SportTea: I’m not sure if this was actually supposed to be in the box, it wasn’t included on the card that usually lists everything in each box. But I found it to be a tasty tea.

LED slap wristband: This has 3 different settings for the light. Two different flashing styles and a solid light.

Everything you need is already inside.

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