Self-Care Planner

The Self-Care Planner by Meera Lester

Self-Care is all the rage. It actually is a topic I find kind of draining a lot, because it shows up so much and it’s actually really hard to reconcile how to incorporate into your life sometimes. Especially when so many messages are things like getting massages and manicures/pedicures, or getting meals out with friends, or taking a new class/learning a new skill… Those are all fine and dandy, but they also take a good chunk of time and time is not a commodity I have to throw around in abundance. My day is finely-tuned to getting in my work and parenting duties, then in a few spare moments as I carve them out, I will exercise and/or watch a show with my spouse. I don’t even shower as often as I would like, and that seems like a pretty basic “self-care” concept.

But I was sent this beautiful little hardback journal, The Self-Care Planner, and it plots out ways to help you figure out how to incorporate it into your life. It’s a help book/journal, as most of the pages contain space for you to enter in your own writing.

As with all great intentions, I had planned to start this with the start of 2020. And it’s now January…. 7? Whoa, basically a full week into 2020?! And I haven’t started completing this yet. But I can just be off right? (My sense of order will need the little labels that say “month 2, week 4” or whatnot to line up with reality. That’s why I was waiting until January to do this! GAH!!!)

I like that this book has flexibility to help you use it for what you need (a workout journal!) but also includes prompts to help you work on the whole mind/body/life balance that pretty much all of us need help with!

The book has a built-in ribbon bookmark so you can keep your place in it as you work throughout the year. I’ve tried regular journaling, I’m not good at it. So maybe this will work. I’ve been craving something in my life, I’d like to find a way to tap into my own self and my own interests again. We’ll see if this helps!

You can buy this book on Amazon for $13.89, if you’re interested.

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