JOMO: Celebrate the Joy of Missing Out

JOMO: 350+ Ways to Make Staying In More Fun Than Going Out

The internet has become rife with promoting FOMO… aka the Fear of Missing Out. People just post the most exciting and happy parts of their life. Often they are showing off the great concerts or vacation destinations or stores or clubs or gyms or parks they visited. (Or people rant about everything, which could bring on some other set of feelings, but that’s not what this is about.) All those curated photos can leave people feeling a little jealous and fall into a comparison trap as they sit on the couch in their jammies surfing through Instagram. I was sent a copy of the book JOMO: Celebrate the Joy of Missing Out. It’s a small cute book with about 200 pages of fun ideas to be when staying in vs. going out.

This isn’t a book that you need to sit down and read straight through. You could just flip it open and see if something on the page sparks an idea in you.

JOMO Suggestions on page 104 and 105
Pages 104 and 105 suggestions: Listen to Oprah’s podcast, Read a YA Novel, Watch Doctor Who, Make a Fancy Coffee Drink.

Maybe you’ll look at the suggestions and try one out. Or maybe you’ll shake your head and flip to some new pages.

Pages 24 and 25 of JOMO Suggestions
Pages 24 and 25: Design a Tattoo, Challenge Your Brain, Shower with the Lights Off, Do a paint-by-number, Start a Journal

I liked this statement from the publisher:

You’ll find the perfect idea for your night in – where there’s no line for the bathroom and pants are always option. Celebrate the year of the homebody and discover new ways to recharge and avoid stressful plans (and people) all while remaining comfy, cozy, and content at home.

Some of the suggestions would require a little planning. Like hosting a party or making ice cream. You need to remember to invite the guests and get ingredients. But some of them are truly spontaneous things you could decide to do in the moment.

Pages 88 and 89 of JOMO Suggestions
Pages 88-89: Listen to a Favorite High School Album, Find a Pen Pal, Give Someone a Hug, Make a To-Done List, Hang up a Hammock

Overall, this is a cute gift idea or would make a fun office exchange gift. It’s positive and cheerful, perfect for gifting this holiday season. Or for treating yourself to a little self-care when you aren’t used to doing so. Or give it to your kids that keep whining that there is nothing to do. Unless you don’t want to run the risk of having to do whatever activity they pick from the book.

My favorite suggestion in the book that I need to prioritize more… Schedule Some Alone Time. (And I don’t just mean alone at my desk while working time, but alone time where I get to just enjoy whatever I want without anyone yelling at me to help them with something.)

The book is available on Amazon in Hardback and Kindle formats.

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