KT Tape Pro Extreme and Recovery Patch

KT Tape let me try a couple of (new to me) products and I just wanted to share some info about these. KT Tape is line of great kinesio tape products that can be used for injuries, weak spots, and recovery.

KT Tape Pro Extreme

This EXTREME version of KT Tape Pro is far stickier than the regular or Pro versions of KT Tape. I’ve liked the support I’ve gotten when taping up a sore spot with KT Tape, but it always seems to fall off me so easily. This stuff… DOESN’T! Seriously, it just keeps sticking.

I didn’t actually have an injury, so I put a strip of it on my leg (with no stretch applied, since I’m not trying to support or rehab a sore spot) and then I lived my life. It lasted through a few showers, clothes changes, sleeping, moving, etc. I’m kind of shocked at how well it stays on.

It is a little more expensive than the other options. A roll of KT Tape Pro Extreme costs $21.99 (or $17 on Amazon!). To compare, a roll of the original KT Tape can cost from $7-12 and the Pro tape costs about $18-20. But I’d say it’s worth it if you can take the time to tape up an injury well and have it actually last long enough to help.

KT Recovery Patch

The Recovery Patch is a different kind of product compared to the tape. These can be applied to spots of swelling to help speed recovery. I actually had a spot to test this one, not an injury from something cool though. (I smacked my thigh into something, I’m super graceful sometimes.) So I stuck one of these patches on. It lasted about 2 days, so that’s right in line with what it says about lasting 1-3 days. The edges were starting to peel off by the end of day 2, and when I got in the shower it was starting to peel off with the water. But my thigh wasn’t as painful to the touch and the bruising wasn’t as bad as I thought it might end up. (I bruise easily.)

You can apply these pretty much anywhere on your body. You’ll probably need help if you’re trying to stick it on your back somewhere. The tape peels off in 2 separate sections. I kind of wish it peeled off in 3 sections, maybe the top half and then the bottom half. All the little tiny strips on this can be a little tricky to lay down smoothly. If it kept the backing on for half of laying it down, it seems like it might be a little more stable for application.

The Recovery Patch retails for about $10 for a pack of 6 patches.

Bonus! Blister Prevention

I also got a bonus sample of the blister prevention tape. I haven’t tried it yet, but it says it helps prevent blisters, chafing or hot spots. I’ve heard of women who get chafing in their underarm from sports bras applying KT Tape, maybe these patches would help as well, in a little smaller size without needing to be cut to fit.

I’ve included some affiliate links to Amazon in this post. If you click on them and then buy anything at Amazon, I get a small kickback. Thanks for the support.

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