November 2019 StrideBox

Guess what arrived in my mailbox on Saturday? The November StrideBox! Seriously, it’s always so fun to get these in the mail.

Ataq Electrolyte Hydration Mix in Strawberry Mint: I tried this almost immediately. It has 55 calories in the packet, but it’s very surprisingly NOT sweet. In fact, the mint flavor comes through a little more than the strawberry. And I really like it! I would totally considering switching to this as my electrolyte drink for long runs. In fact, this is exactly what the StrideBox is for… it introduced me to a new company and they have other flavors that I’d be interested in trying!

Eat Your Coffee Pumpkin Spice bar: There are a lot of flavors of these bars, this is the autumnal pumpkin spice flavor. The bars are made from dates, oats, nut butters, and coffee (of course).

Split Almond Butter and Strawberry Spread: Another completely new company to me, but the brilliance of this is amazing. You fold the pack in half, knead the two spreads to make sure they’re well mixed. Then you rip off the top and squeeze it onto bread, crackers, or straight into your mouth. They have other flavors available too, both different fruits and different nut butters.

Novo Renew supplement: This is a FULL BOTTLE of Novo Renew, an anti-inflammatory supplement specifically made for runners and athletes. I took these for a while and liked them. I stopped taking a lot of supplements to see if I could get my gut in control, but I am going to reintroduce these now that I have a new bottle. I’ve noticed more soreness after running lately (probably due to not running as much as I used to!) and perhaps this will help!

Magnetic Light/Reflector: This is a cool little magnetic clip you can hook onto your shorts/pack. It can serve as just a reflector for added visibility, or you can push the button on the side for a solid white LED light. Push the button once more and it becomes a flashing red light. It’s about the size of my palm.

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