Novo Renew

Novo Renew Bottles in a box
Novo Renew is a supplement to reduce inflammation and soothe sore joints so runners can keep moving. I was sent 2 bottles of Novo Renew for free to try. Opinions here are always my own.

Have you had trouble with joints that hurt after running? Over the years I’ve been inconsistent with taking various supplements to help support joints. I know that over time with running consistency and building strength, I’ve experienced less joint pain that I did at first. But that doesn’t mean I’m immune to pain in my knees sometimes. But aside from that, I also find that I get a lot of tension and pain in my neck/shoulders/upper back due to computer work all the time.

So I was excited at the chance to try Novo Renew when it was presented to me. The big selling point is that Novo Renew has a whole blend of ingredients that have been researched for their anti-inflammatory benefits and none of those ingredients are standard OTC pain relievers, which really are over-used in our world and aren’t completely free of potential side effects. The ingredients in Novo Renew are designed to work with your body’s natural inflammation response, which is actually needed to help heal. It’s just bad when that inflammation gets out of control.

Novo Renew has 8 natural ingredients, tested for anti-inflammatory properties.

What are the 8 Natural Ingredients in Novo Renew?

5-Loxin Boswellia Extract is also called Indian Frankincense. For centuries Indian Frankincense has been used as an anti-inflammatory in Asian and African folk medicine.

Frutiex-B is a special form of the mineral boron. Boron is essential to healthy bones and has potential health benefits for conditions linked to joint inflammation.

MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) improves immune function, lowers inflammation and helps restore healthy bodily tissue.

UCIl® Type 2 Undenatured Collagen: Clinical studies support the safety of UC-ll in modulating joint discomfort in osteoarthritis.

Vitamin D is a crucial nutrient for strong bones. Raising low vitamin D levels can provide pain relief in patients with knee and hip pain.

Bromelain, Trypsin, & Rutin have anti-inflammatory benefits, aid digestion, and help deliver Novo Renew’s ingredients into the body’s bloodstream.

Bottle of Novo Renew and two pills in a hand

My Experience with Novo Renew

I wish I could say that it was magical and solved all my problems. My aging skin was rejuvenated and youthful, I could run faster and longer than ever before, my digestive troubles vanished, my stress levels are at a normal level, and I found a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. But there is nothing like that in the world.

The knee pain that I had been experiencing just before this arrived went away within about 2 weeks of taking it regularly. I guess that’s a perk! I got a massage and the therapist didn’t seem absolutely appalled by the amount of and size of knots in my upper back, just mildly frustrated at them. That could have been reduced from taking this.

The pills are easy to take, I’ve had some supplements that are too big, difficult to swallow, or kind of get caught in my throat. The typical dosage is 2 pills, so the 60-count bottle is good for one month.

It costs about $40 for a one-month supply. Not chump change, but also not unreasonable either. There is a discount for buying multiple bottles. You can also order it via Amazon for $34.50.


After taking them for 2 straight months, I stopped. (Because I ran out, that’s all I had received for this review!) And I’ve felt more pain in joints (I’m not getting any younger over here!) and my shoulders and neck seem to be back to their crunchy and tight muscle knots. So from that perspective, I feel like it helped quite a bit. Is it psychosomatic? I don’t know for sure… but it seemed to improve things quite a bit so I’m going to get back in the habit of taking Novo Renew regularly and see how I feel!

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