My Soxy Feet: Colorful and Inspirational Running Socks

My Soxy Feet - Happy Heart, Happy Soul
My Soxy Feet is a performance mismatched sock company. Disclosure: I was sent a pair of My Soxy Feet socks for free.

My Soxy Feet is a family-run business from Orlando, FL, the founders are both athletes and recognize the need for some extra motivation and fun in sport. Also, that sometimes it’s okay (or kind of awesome) to get out the door for your run when your socks don’t even match. They wanted to create colorful, high-performance socks that also have positive messages to help inspire runners. In fact, they had a sentence on their website About page that I’m just going to share here:

Challenges big and small can become easy excuses that keep our running shoes hidden away in the closet awaiting the next sunny day. It’s on these days that we are so very grateful for the many friends and family in my life who motivate us to be our best.

The first My Soxy Feet sock design released was Heart and Sole, and it was created to honor founder Melissa Corp’s mother who lost her life to breast cancer and had a passion for running. The socks have been sold at marathons all over the country to raise money and awareness for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

The technical specs behind the socks:

  • Mesh ventilation on the top for breathability
  • Seamless toe to prevent rubbing
  • Cuff is secure so it doesn’t slip
  • Cushioning on the sole in high-impact spots
  • Tech materials: Coolmax, Lycra, Nylon

I found the socks comfortable when I wore them on a run. In fact, I kind of forgot I was wearing these ones in particular. Which is good, when you’re really aware of your socks it’s not usually for good reasons. And I was reminded of the socks at the conclusion of my run when I kicked off my dusty shoes. saw the messages on my toes, and it immediately made me smile.

They have a one year “Love ’em or Return ’em” guarantee, so they really stand behind and believe in their product.

They also sell kids socks, which my 6yo would love. She looked at mine when they arrived and said, “Are those for me?” When I told her they were mine, she said, “They look like they should be for me. Will they fit me?” No… this pair does not fit her, so they’re all mine!

They have a range of sock heights available on their site, and socks are available in some that are women-specific and some that are unisex. Prices range from $8.00 to $14.00 per pair. Compressions socks are more. You can also pick up a pair on Amazon!

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