June 2019 StrideBox

The June 2019 StrideBox arrived the other day. The contents:

  • Clif Bar Cubes endurance bites, tart cherry. These are made of dates, peanut butter, almond butter, cherry juice and other schtuff. (Seriously, I don’t want to outline it all. Some of it is probably to add flavor, some of it to make it stick together, some to preserve it.)
  • BiteFuel lemon white chip protein cookies. These are gluten-free and there are 3 servings in the bag. It looks like a single-serving size… but if you look on the back of the package it is 3 servings.
  • Ener-C mixed berry electrolyte drink mix. Basically it is low calorie “rehydration salts” to use before, during, or after workouts. And it’s summer and heating up…. so it’s pretty important to replenish those when you run.
  • Elite Ops Energy Strips arctic mint energy strips. A caffeinated strip you dissolve on your tongue. 100mg of caffeine per strip.
  • Lightload Towels compressed towel, tuck it away for when you need a post-run sweat wipe or for whatever else you might need a towel. It seems overkill to use for every run, but this might be kind of nice tucked into a pack for use after a race, it’s pretty small.
  • AllGood SPF 30 sunblock stick, unscented. Clear mineral sunblock, zinc oxide. It really does go on clear and I like sticks for touching up on-the-go, especially to dab on my kid’s nose and ears (or my own).

You can subscribe to StrideBox and get your own monthly box of surprises for $19.95/ month.

Disclosure: If you make a purchase on Amazon (any purchase at all) after following the links in this post, it may result in a few pennies being thrown my direction. I appreciate it when you do!

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