Episode 6: Not Giving Up on a Podcast-ish Yet!

I'm not gone, just drained - Episode 6 of the Jill Will Run Show-ish podcast I’ve had over two months between “episodes” of my podcast-ish, The Jill Will Run Show-ish. (I’m so clever with that title, huh?) But I recorded another episode! You can listen to it embedded here in this post… or you can read along below for the basic gist of what I rambled about plus some extra ramblings. However, you prefer to ingest the pseudo-information!

So…. I took a long break between releasing episodes. That’s partly due to the fact that I listen to a lot of podcasts and when I feel the urge to release a new ramble, I immediately start to compare my podcast-ish with larger and more legit podcasts. My brain starts thinking, “Well, you need an intro and a theme song and a sidekick/assistant to chat with you and interviews and production and I’m missing all of that stuff, so I’ll just wait until I have that stuff together.”

I don’t want my podcast to be like Anna Faris’ or Dax Shepard’s, I’m not those people and I will never be them. My show will never be like their shows. And that’s fine… plus I’d really feel awkward reading ad copy for my show’s sponsors, where I have to say a silly line like “For Hair You Can Believe.” What does that even mean? (Of course, they seem to feel silly reading those lines too.)

But the other reason I haven’t released anything is that I have been buying a house, and selling a house, and moving into the new house. That’s a lot of work and it is DRAINING! Physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Physically, I’m sore. I’ve packed and moved and unpacked so many boxes. Mentally, there’s just a lot of stuff that goes into the house selling/buying process. Plus all the address change stuff that comes with it! Emotionally, I really loved my house and I will miss aspects of it. It’s where my baby’s whole life has been up to this point.

I am looking forward to exploring my new neighborhood on foot… but running is SOOOOOO not happening right now. I want to run, but my body is so achy and creaky and sore. Also, I seem to reinjure my neck every 2-3 months, just because I go to sleep at night. That has happened once again, so I can’t look to the left at this moment. Plus, I still live in Las Vegas, I just moved roughly 10 miles away from where I lived before. And in case you weren’t aware, Las Vegas in the summer is hot. We’re under an Excessive Heat Warning right at this particular moment, which means the temps are hanging out around 110+. And the overnight lows are in the upper 80’s. I have a very hard time getting outside in that weather!

  • To help with the creakiness, I’m doing a 20-day stretching program in the Aaptiv app. Download the app and start a 30-day trial!
  • To help with my sore neck that seems to pop up every few months just because I go to sleep, I’m using the Neck Hammock that I backed on Kickstarter. It’s like putting yourself into traction. So far, it seems to be helping.

Now that we’ve moved, our new house is very near an elementary school and my spouse wants to send our daughter there instead of the school we had her enrolled in. That’s causing me a lot of anxiety as well. I will try not to rant about it too much here, even though it’s tempting to just let it all spill out. But that feels a little like airing dirty laundry if I’m posting about a disagreement with my spouse.

So I’m not giving up on the podcast-ish, I have ideas bouncing around in my head about things I want to share. I will eventually get around to those. I’m sure I have an audience just clamoring to hear my thoughts on riveting topics like… Physique 57 and not racing!

So… got any organization tips for me? Or motivational quotes? Or just funny stories? Or want to follow me on Facebook and Instagram?

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