2017 Accomplished Little

This year I accomplished my goal of running at least 1000 miles, but I hardly ran any races at all. I ran a 10K on New Year’s Day, I ran an 8K in March and then a 10K on New Year’s Eve. I didn’t set any PRs. I entertained the thought of lots of different races, but never registered for them. I was either taking care of my kid or not feeling well enough to race. My longest run of the year was 10 miles and that happened in the spring. So I’m actually kind of proud of myself for getting through so many miles with so many shorter distance runs.

I made an image of all my running routes using Sisu:

I set a goal to read 50 books as part of the Goodreads reading challenge for 2017. I read 68! A lot of those were audiobooks listened to while I ran and while driving back and forth between states for work.

2017 Reading Challenge books

Maybe I should have some more goals for 2018. Deciding this blog’s fate should be one of them.

Oh… and here are the songs I liked from 2017. Elegant transition, right?

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  1. If treadmills make cold weather running easier (indoors) I guess it can do the same for hot weather running as well. I ran every day in December. 31 days in a row.Do you get your books from the library? Have you ever found money in a book? I hope you keep blogging.

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