Revolution Run 2017 [Race Report]

Today I ran my first race of 2017. The race I ran last night to close out 2016 had a counterpart race to kick off 2017. I elected to do the 10K for both events. Unlike the Resolution Run of last night, where I had participated in several prior years, this year was a first for this event.

I had a little bit of misinformation on the start time, thinking it was starting at 11AM but in reality it started at noon. Since I showed up way too early, I ran to Target to pick up a new set of storage drawers to try to corral my kiddo’s toys. (These drawers, except these are on Amazon) Then I dropped them back at home, did a quick pee break to avoid the park restrooms at the start and headed back to the race.

The race was the exact same course as the day before, so my thoughts were very similar the entire time except I should add variations of “I’m hot” to my thoughts on every mile. I had looked at the temps based on a little earlier start time and the temps were warmer than I saw. So I over-estimated what I would need to wear. I was running in a long-sleeve top in 57 degrees and full sun. I was too warm and I wished I had brought my handheld water bottle. I hit the aid station on the way out and on the way back for some water.

I ran the race roughly 1:30 slower than the previous day, which I’m fine with. Both efforts were better than I expected. I got to see some friends, I had a chance to do something for myself again and I had fun.

And soon I will be in busy season… it’s a lot harder for me to do races January-May since I’m married to a CPA. It’s hard for me to adjust because I had a lot of years where I got used to having my freedom. I knew my husband worked late nights and weekends. So I ran with friends, I entered races, I ran trails away from home, I basically did whatever I wanted… and then we had a kid and it’s a lot harder to get time away because I work and all of the responsibility for childcare falls to me. I get kind of angry sometimes at this. Not at her, just at the situation.

Her first year of life I entered several 5Ks and pushed her in the stroller. But then she got tired of the stroller. Well… she likes the stroller some, but she wants in/out of it constantly. However, she has said she wants to go to races again with me so I figure I’ll have slow times and I can run/walk with her. Maybe still push the stroller so she has the option to climb in if needed. We’ll see what schedules and locations look like.

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