Race Report: Resolution Run 10K & Revolution Run 5K

Resolution Run/Revolution Run
On New Year’s Eve, I ran the Resolution Run 10K and it was a hard run. I literally turned out my slowest 10K ever. I could make excuses and blame a bunch of things, but I don’t know exactly why it felt rough and the reality is that happened. I felt like my heart was going to explode out of my chest pretty much the entire time until mile 5. So a 5-mile warmup in a 6-mile race isn’t exactly conducive to a stellar performance! My foot turnover didn’t feel very fluid and I was dragging. It happens.

I’ve been at this race nearly every year for 6 or 7 years. I almost didn’t sign up for it this year, but two weeks ago I bit the bullet and signed up. I’m glad I did it, even with a poor race performance. I got to see some friends and I got some fresh air.

The 10K course was changed this year due to some construction and I was not a fan of the changes. I get that it had to happen, but basically, the course used to head downhill for a while, then we looped a park and headed uphill for a long stretch. But the initial downhill was a nice warmup stretch. This year the 10K course was the 5K course twice, which was an out and back course. And it starts on the uphill. I could be one of those people who go do strides before starting the race so I’m warmed up… but that’s not going to happen. That’s not my race style.

At the conclusion of the race, I chatted with a couple of people then headed home to make pizza with my kiddo. Then I went to bed by 10pm… I don’t see a need to welcome midnight. Why start the new year exhausted?

On New Year’s Day, I ran the Revolution Run 5K. This event hasn’t been around as long as the Resolution Run, but I’ve done the turnaround between the two events for two years in a row now. Last year I ran the 10K, this year I decided to switch it up and run the 5K. The race started at noon so even if I had stayed up late the night before, I would have been able to make it there.

I felt a little more fluid in this race, plus I felt a sense of relief that I didn’t have to do the out-and-back-and-out-and-back course. Once is enough. So I think with that knowledge, I was able to move a little better. But still… it wasn’t my most stellar race time.

I didn’t even think to look at my official time for this event until tonight… and surprisingly enough I got 1st in the Female 30-39 age group. They didn’t give out AG awards for the event, but it shows in the results. So…. go me!

I didn’t race much in 2017. I kind of wish I’d done more, because it helps to have that mental strength to “hurt” a little more when doing a race. But I also enjoyed not having the stress or mom-guilt that I feel when doing races. But maybe a year was enough… perhaps I should try to get out for more events in 2018… if only to experience the atmosphere and take some me time.

On the flip side, there’s a little bit of me that just feels lonely and sad going to races by myself all the time. So 2018 race planning is still indeterminate, as I’m not registered for anything at this time.

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