Hyland’s Find Your Finish Line

Big thanks to @hylandshealth for the box of fun stuff! If you’re at the #bostonmarathon this weekend, look for them at the expo at booth #520. — Hyland’s is encouraging runners to find their personal finish line. #HylandsFYFL – Last year I was running Boston as part of #teamstonyfield and this year I’m working on building myself into a more balanced runner and respecting myself as I deal with aches before they become injuries, a busy work schedule and parenting duties. I’ve had to accept I can’t “do it all” at once and trying to be at peace with that. More marathons will come in the future when the timing is better. – Items in the box provided by Hyland’s, @feeturesrunning, @polarbottle, @headsweats, @clifbar #blogged #sp via Instagram


    • It’s not too bad – they laser the main vein, but I also had all kinds ishy ropey bumpy blue ones so after they lasered they pulled the veins out….looked kind of like spaghetti noodles coming out of my calves…. I was back to running 2 weeks later! Before I had it done I was getting charlie horses 4-5 nights a week and Leg Cramps was the only thing that worked to let me sleep!

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