Beyonce’s Athleisure(?) Line

Beyonce has her own athleisure line and it’s SO BEY!

Okay, enough writing like that. It kind of hurts to go that far out of my personality zone.

Ivy Park bodysuitRest-assured, Queen Bey tried on every piece… so if you’re built just like her and have a life just like hers, this is the line up for you!

The Ivy Park line launched today… and if you want to visit the official website for the line, note that it’s noisy and it actually warns you when you first land on it that it contains flashing images. So it’s a seizure risk or something!

Honestly, I’m not really sure who the collection is for. Because I don’t think I know anybody who is going to pull on their one piece bodysuit to sit around and binge on Netflix or play at the park with their kid (leisure) nor do they wear a full-body jumpsuit to go on a run or to life at the gym (ath).  But it’s definitely for somebody… mostly somebodys who have a lot of cash to spend on weird pieces of apparel.

There are a couple of items that seem like they are alright, I will concede to that. But so much of it is just strange. And many of the items that seem like something “normal” people would wear (i.e. sweatshirts, t-shirts) have big giant words emblazoned upon them, so you can make sure that everybody knows damn well you worship at the altar of Beyonce.  (Seriously… she’s just a human being, folks!)

So enlighten me… what activities are these clothes for? Where do you wear them?


Ivy park Mid-impact print bra • $40
Ivy park Seamless crop crew tee • $38
Ivy park Full length colour block body • $265
Ivy park Print v shaped skort • $68
Ivy park Reflective cross-back crop • $115
Ivy park All-over mesh v-neck tank • $35
Ivy park Sheer mesh hoodie • $70
Ivy park Print sleevesless wrap back jacket • $190
Ivy park Seamless racer vest • $35
IVY PARK Printed Stretch Cotton-Blend Jersey Leotard • $50
IVY PARK Printed Cotton-Jersey Sweatshirt • $45
IVY PARK Embroidered Mesh T-Shirt • $60
IVY PARK Mesh and Stretch-Jersey Bodysuit • $110
IVY PARK Ribbed Stretch-Jersey Bodysuit • $65
IVY PARK Cropped Stretch-Jersey and Mesh Top • $50
IVY PARK Stretch-Jersey Leotard • $50

(And if you are really a Beyonce lover, please don’t send me hate mail. I haven’t said anything negative against her, just slightly befuddled by the clothing. This post is all in good fun. I just know how furious people can get on teh interwebs. It’s really okay to just laugh every now and then! I’m sure even Bey would agree!)


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