Trick or Trot 10K 2015 [Race Report]

Saturday I ran a 10K… for some reason it feels like every single race this year has just snuck up on me. “Oh, an email telling me I have a packet pickup tomorrow. Okay, I’ll do that.”

Well, maybe this one wasn’t THAT sneaky because I did prepare for it some. Not like I was training for a 10K specifically in my running, but I was semi-prepared to run in costume. My friend runs the online shop Pixie Power and designs cute shirts; when she announced a Halloween one several months back I bought it with this race in mind. I would like to have multiple races to wear it in, but the only other races I can find are right on Halloween morning and we will need to be spending as much time carving pumpkins that day as possible. Family time trumps multiple races.

So… costume. I wore the tank, some black shorts and these cool skeleton arm warmers I found on Amazon. Or… warm skeleton arm warmers. It was a little too warm for them, but I was committed to my look!

This pic was taken after the race when I was back at home.
This pic was taken after the race when I was back at home.

My kid woke up early that day… about 30 minutes before my alarm was scheduled to go off. And she wouldn’t go back to sleep. So I was spending a lot of my morning in my pajamas trying to engage in “quiet play” with her for about an hour and a half,  since it was early. My husband came downstairs about 15 minutes before I needed to leave for the race. I quickly ran upstairs, got dressed and raced out the door. I forgot to take a handheld water bottle, which I normally do for a 10K. That would have given me a chance to drink a little more… I started the race thirsty and eager for the aid station.

There were a ton of people in costumes and I gotta give people credit for running in some crazy getups. One woman came up to me and asked me to write my name or my alter-ego on a nametag. She was running as an identity crisis. So I wrote “Skeleton Mommy Jill” since my daughter had told me before I left that I was a skeleton Mommy.


The race itself felt harder than it should have… my heart was racing right off the bat and I was thirsty. The course was a loop and if you were doing the 10K you did the loop twice. So I got to pass the aid station twice! I was so happy to see it, just past the 1 mile mark. I really wish the cups had been filled more… most of the time you don’t want the cups too full at a race because you would pour it all over yourself. This race I would have gladly accepted a giant cup of water.

There were a lot of families participating in the 5K, so they were getting lapped by the 10K runners. It made for some fun dodging as they walked 4-5 abreast, but most of the course was on fairly wide open trails so it was easy enough to go around.


The start/finish area was another story though… it was a VERY narrow start. There was a woman in front of me at the start, she started to run when they told us to GO! and then immediately started to walk after she crossed the start line. I love events that get a large turnout of all abilities, but there needs to be the etiquette reminders. If you’re walking the race, don’t position yourself at the front for the start!

Since it was a loop course, you ran through that same narrow place midrace and for the finish. I was kicking at the finish to cross the line… and there were people leisurely walking in for their 5K finish or just milling about on the course. I guess it was an obstacle course in disguise! 🙂 I was beat and happy to be finished. I think my time was 58:xx… I could look it up, but I don’t care. I know my watch said 59:xx when I remembered to stop it. I had my sights set on the water at the finish line!


My awesome skeleton arm warmers rubbed a lovely little chafe wound into my skin. I didn’t notice from pain or anything, just when I sat down to chug my water and eat my KIND bar, I went to pull the sleeves down and noticed the hole. My daughter was fairly upset when she saw it and insisted on putting a band-aid on it for me. She did a great job of opening the band-aid herself… and then putting the sticky part right on top of the wound.

The organizers do a great job of decorating the park for the event. The whole thing is a fundraising event for Eagle Quest, a foster care organization. In addition to the race, they have vendor tables and a whole family festival associated with the event. So after I finished I told my husband to bring the kiddo over to play.


We paid the $5 fee so #AwesomeA could play games. She did a bean bag throw, ring toss, Plinko, etc. And at each game she got 2-5 pieces of candy. And they had donuts for the kids too. This kid was hopped up on sugar!


It’s a great event… if you’re a Vegas local I really recommend it because they do such a nice job with everything. If you’re visiting Las Vegas at the time, I recommend you check it out. It’s way far from all the touristy stuff… but visiting Floyd Lamb State Park is a great way to realize there is more to Vegas than what you associate as Vegas.

This year I’ve had a real problem where the days leading up to races I sit there and question why I do these, it just feels like a hassle to get there and I feel like I’m being a jerk leaving my child with her father. (Yeah… stupid, he needs to be spending more time with her anyway!) But then I’m always so glad I went to the race and leave hoping to find another one soon. I was literally thinking on the drive to this race, “Maybe I’ll just not do any races in 2016. It will be easier that way.” And now I want to sign up for more events.

I can keep myself in check though… January will be here before too long and I won’t have the option of doing races much as my CPA-spouse enters his busy season for work. But I wish it was easier for me to just do the races without giving myself a heaping dose of mom-guilt in the process.

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