Getting out of My Way

I frequently listen to audiobooks while I run… it’s a great way to get some reading done without a small child requesting I play with her. Or a dog begging to be taken outside. Or a husband asking me questions. And I’ve recently found another really good quote from a comedian. This one comes from Rachel Dratch in her book Girl Walks into a Bar… Damn the wisdom of funny people, they make me laugh and make me think!

Quote by Rachel Dratch about flow

I’m always stuck in my brain, running myself in circles or blocking the “flow” from happening. But these last several days I’ve found some good flow at work… I’ve got a lot done. Is my checklist any shorter? Um… not really, it grows by about five items for every one I clear. But I’ve still made some good progress on work tasks too.

But in doing that, I ignore this site. And then I feel guilty. Which is ridiculous. I don’t have advertisers beating down my door and demanding I give them certain false advertisements. Nobody is clamoring* to read my wit and wisdom. And those of you who do (thank you!) are always kind and patient and chime in with a friendly word from time-to-time and I appreciate that. And when I’m not working, I’d rather spend the time with my munchkin. From what “they” tell me, there will be a day she wants nothing to do with me. So if she wants me to play with her, I’m in.

She never sees this “rain” stuff! #AwesomeA #vegas

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So I’ll just keep popping in here when I have something I want to share and try to keep living my life as it suits me. And my family. And my employer. Or whatever. Thanks for reading along… I hope you enjoy this quote like I did!

*clamoring is a weird word. Clamor… clamored… clamoring… to clamor?

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