Feeling Prepared

Ever have that lazy period after you finish a race? You know… where you don’t completely stop working out, but you aren’t following a plan? You run however long or short as you feel and explore other workouts that you couldn’t fit in with your previous plan?

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Isn’t that time wonderful?

But then you let that time extend on and on and then you realize, “Hey… it’s mid-June and I haven’t run farther than 5 miles since I ran the Boston Marathon in April. And oh yeah… I have a half marathon to run on August 1. Hmmm….” Or maybe it’s just me that does that.

But I’m feeling pretty well-prepared. I hope that it actually translates on race day. But you know… I have no time goal for the race which is nice. Maybe I should come up with some goals… Okay, here goes:

  1. Make travel plans to get to event
  2. Don’t feel guilty about leaving my child behind while I run
  3. But look forward to seeing her at the finish line.
  4. Enjoy cooler temperatures.
  5. Smile at every mile!

There. Goals done.

This weekend I ran 11 miles and it all felt really good. So far I’m two for two on long runs feeling good when I fueled with a Yummari bar beforehand. I’m optimistic that will hold for a race… but then again, I have more awake time before running a race than I give myself for my weekend long runs. (Honestly, I don’t want to wake up any earlier than 4 AM… and that is to be running by 5 AM(ish) and avoid heat. On a race day I would probably have a full 2-3 hours before run time, just to worry about traveling to the start line.)

My shoes felt a little dead on my long run though… that’s a bummer. I may be hitting the lifespan of my Saucony Virrata shoes. Guess I need to put in more miles on some of the other shoes I have. I have to admit, I’m pretty comfortable in a zero drop. But the feeling in my bones after yesterday’s run was a little like my body was crying out for more cushioning… so I guess it’s nearly time to put in more miles in my new Mizuno Wave Enigma. Have I written about those here yet?

(Hold music…. checking the archives….)

Nope, haven’t posted on them. Here’s a story… I received a little box in the mail one day. A box full of feathers.

Hmmm… Box of feathers arrived at my house. #lightasafeather @mizunorunning #running A photo posted by Jill (@jillwillrun) on


And then two days later, another box arrived with a pillow in it.

Hmmm… More @mizunorunning mystery! #softasapillow

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And finally, a couple of days later a third box arrived with some beautiful shoes:

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I have to say, well done Mizuno for the most intriguing promotional plan I’ve ever received. And I’ve put some miles in on them so far… but they’re definitely puffier than I’m used to. (That’s the pillow aspect.) I think I need to wear thinner socks with them, because a thicker sock with more cushioning just feels like there’s too much going on with my feet. You like my highly technical observation? Can you just see that line showing up in Runners’ World? So getting used to running in them will be a combination of getting used to more cushioning and a different heel-to-toe drop. However… I’m leaning more and more to the idea of having multiple types of shoes for different running days. Some days you need more cushioning for recovery or distance covered. Others, you want a light, minimal shoe to work on your foot turnover. And I’m in a place where I’m fortunate enough to have a wide range of shoes to test that theory more.

Speaking of “being in places”… I’m really in a strange place with my running right now… feeling both slightly ambitious (when’s the next marathon!) and slightly lazy (let’s just run for fun.) I have no huge goals like, “I must qualify for Boston!” or “sub-20 5K!” or “Let’s do an ultra!” And even though there are things I would like to do in my running, ultimately I want to accomplish those in a good mindset. And that goes back up to one of those goals for my upcoming half… I don’t want to feel guilty and like I’m taking time away from parenting my daughter to do those. Are we more selfish in this generation, where we take time for our own pursuits away from our children? Or did I just not notice people doing that before?

Also… parentheticals. (This post is full of them.) I like them.

How Vegas Ends
Toward the end of my Sunday run… I get a kick out of how Vegas just ‘ends’ – if I turned around in this picture you would see neighborhood upon neighborhood.


  1. I’m in that same place with my running! I finished my last Half June 27th and haven’t done more than an 8-miler since then. I keep thinking I should do another Half soon so I don’t need to spend months training… But the heat is very de-motivating. I need to just pick a race and set up a plan, I do so much better with a plan.
    Btw, no need to feel guilty!! I don’t know if we take more time away from our kids than our parents did, but I do know I’m a better mom when I run regularly/longer/faster. So, I make the time to run and enjoy it. 🙂

    • Run the Cedar Half in September! 😉

      I really do think I’m a better mom when I get to run, there’s just the whole guilt of either: a) leaving her with someone else while I go run (and it’s not like my mom is upset at this!) or b) leaving her with her Daddy while I go off to race and he acts like I’ve asked him to watch over a ticking bomb. (What do I do with it? How long will you be gone? When will it blow?) Avoiding races means I avoid some of this dilemma because then I know that for the most part I don’t have to really “go away” to run, but then I also avoid one of the few times that I get to see other runners (or other people in general!).

  2. Hi Jill, I hope you had a great August race! 🙂 I somewhat feel the same sometimes- not after a race but every time my lazy mind works its ways. Same with you I set goals and do as much as I can to achieve them. Good thing I have a very active support group who doesn’t let me extend that “wonderful time”. Haha. Great kicks by the way! 🙂

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