A book to help you maximize running performance [Review]

I was sent the book Running: Maximize Performance & Minimize Injuries by Dr. Donald A Ozello to review. Dr. Ozello is a Las Vegas Doctor of Chiropractic, and I know he is very interested in helping the local athletic community to keep active. Beyond the local community, Dr. Ozello shares his knowledge in various publications and on YouTube.


This book isn’t one that you sit down to read, absorb all the info and then move on. In fact… it’s a pretty handy tool for any runner to keep on hand.


Just taking a look at the table of contents, you’ll notice it mentions various ailments that runners face. Although, a runner could pick it up and read it straight through from about page 126 to the end to get an overview (or reminder) on several topics from stretching, strengthening, gear, etc.

But for the runner who frequently has trouble in a spot or for the inevitable pain that pops up, flipping to one of those topics gives you a short, easy-to-digest breakdown on what the issue is, symptoms of the problem and some ways to go about fixing it, as well as tips on hopefully preventing a recurrence.


There are a few areas that could maybe use a little more editing, but overall it’s a handy book. Since it’s available in paperback or Kindle, it’s versatile for however you prefer to have your reference books. If you feel a little twinge coming on, just grab the book and look for some self-treatment options to hopefully keep it from getting worse or find out if you need to seek more treatment.

The final chapter discusses chiropractic care and how it can help an athlete. Do you visit a chiropractor? I used to see a chiro (way back in 2008?) but I haven’t been to one in a long time. I’m sure I’m all out of wack… I mean, I had a pregnancy and a have been raising a child since that time. That’s rough on the old skeleton! I’m always more interested in a chiropractor who has a sports emphasis because it seems like they are working to help with function I understand more. Prior to becoming a distance runner, I honestly thought chiropractic care was all about cracking someone’s back and neck. I hadn’t realized how it could help more aspects of the body.


The book retails for $13.50, and you can pick it up on Amazon. You can also follow Dr. Ozello on Twitter: @drdozellodc where he shares all kinds of interesting information so you can maximize running performance.

Disclaimer: I was sent the book for free, but thoughts here are always my own. Actions taken from links on this post may result in a couple of pennies being thrown my way via Amazon.

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