Yummari Bars

Bars… nuggets… whatever you want to call these little things I received to review. I’ll call them tasty. That’s what Yummari is: tasty.


So here’s the story behind the bars: Founder Catherine Walsh was diagnosed with Celiac disease. She started training for a half marathon, read the book Born to Run and learned (as so many of us who read the book did) about the wonders of the chia seed. She had wanted something to fuel her training that was made from more natural ingredients and finally just created her own. Thus Yummari came to life. (That’s the extremely condensed-in-a-nutshell synopsis! You can learn more at their site.) These three-bite nuggets are built upon a foundation of hemp and chia seeds, superfoods that can help fuel an endurance athlete for the long haul.

I’ve been on the lookout for a new pre-long-run fuel that will last. I used a different product for my Boston Marathon training, but I’m at the point where I can’t even choke that stuff down anymore. So learning of Yummari came at the right time for my current needs. I ate one of these things before my 10-miler this past weekend and I felt great the whole time. Appropriately energized without feeling weighed down.


They come in 5 flavors, I had the cranberry before my long run and I ate a coconut one before a #runch (lunch run) and both times they tasted great and set well in my finicky stomach.

Other important details: Organic, Non-GMO, gluten-free and peanut-free.

Right now they are crowdfunding to bring their product to a wider audience. You can support their campaign at many different reward levels. There’s even a reward level that could get the person supporting the campaign a big discount on Newton running shoes. (And if you’re a fan of those… you know they aren’t cheap!)


Overall, I’m impressed. I will try a different flavor again this weekend and probably before my August 1 half. But I really wanted to get this post out there to help promote their fundraising.

I was sent some bars for free to review, but the thoughts/opinions here are all my own.

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