Friday Fête

My “athleisure pants from Athleta that I bought on our San Diego trip a few weeks back… they’re now my favorite pants. I don’t wear them around all the time, because when it has been 113 or so they’re too warm. (Skirts… gotta go with skirts at times like that. Sorry men, a skirt breeze is where it’s at!) But I think I’m getting converted to the idea of super comfy materials/waistbands with extra styling detail to make them look a little nicer. Who knows… maybe come fall I’ll be wearing dress yoga pants! 😉 I still won’t wear running tights around as casual wear, but I’ve got my eye on a few things that might work for summer casual wear. And one that I don’t think I’d ever wear. Can you guess which one I’m scared of?


Did you know that new music was released today this week, instead of on Tuesday? New music has been released on Tuesdays for the past 26 years. This is part of an initiative to release music on the same day worldwide, you know… to prevent piracy. But I missed having new music to listen to for the week while I worked. Total #1stworldproblem right there, huh?


I stepped on the scale the other day… that was a mistake. I’ve been feeling pretty good about myself and there’s a good chance that it really is due to the whole “muscle weighs more” fact, but it’s still hard to see a higher number. I’ve been doing more strength training lately, I’m seeing improvements in my fitness. And even though I’ve been through countless hours of therapy, discussions, treatment… I’m still susceptible to letting that number hurt my feelings. Sigh…

Scale - You are More important than this number

Tiny houses are cute, but this article expresses everything that I’ve frequently wondered about them.

What the hell happens when your tiny house partner farts Mexican food farts, huh? Where do you escape to? Nowhere. You have nowhere to run.

I’m always fascinated by the idea of heart rate training and going slower to get faster/stronger/better. But I’m always too impatient to actually implement it. But maybe this fall, since I don’t really have any races on the schedule, I will give it a go. I’d just have to stop uploading my runs to Strava… Kidding… Kind of… Not really.

80/20 running by Matt Fitzgerald
I want to read this. I have a Maffetone book to post about too.

I have a lot of books that I’ve read to post about… I’m thinking maybe I should do a “book club” week here and share a post a day on books I’ve read lately.

Got any fun weekend plans? I don’t… and I’m relieved. I will go grocery shopping and play with my kiddo and get in a run (shooting for 10 miles, because I’ve been so lazy about training for this half marathon I have coming up on August 1) and generally just play life by ear.


  1. We only get a few weeks in the 90-102ish range around here, but I’ve become a huge fan of maxi skirts on hot days. So easy to throw on and dress up or down. I can’t stand how my legs look, so they end up being a great alternative to shorts and office-friendly, too.

    • I really like maxi skirts… as long as I find one that doesn’t drag on the ground. I have short legs! I’ve got a couple of great knee length skirts that have pockets, so I can carry my phone with me too! I love pockets in skirts!

    • DUH! Smart! With the right shirt, that totally works. (I say this because I just ordered a maxi skirt and it drags on the ground and I was bummed at that!)

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