I want…

… more time to write on this site. I constantly have thoughts and ideas floating through my head, “Oooh… I need to post about that!” And then I do a million other things and can’t remember my name, much less what I thought I wanted to post about. The other day when we went out to dinner, I handed the cashier my driver license instead of my credit card. She looked at me and said, “Okay…” because clearly I was a frazzled woman with no common sense anymore.

I write because I don't know what I think until I read what I say.

… more time to run too. I don’t need to do marathon-volume training because I don’t have a marathon on the calendar, but it would be nice to be getting that done too. It makes me feel strong!

… to feel more in control of everything in my life. Apparently I am a control freak.

… a new tattoo.

… a new look for this site.

… some peanut m&m’s. I’m addicted to these things! I haven’t had any for about 3 weeks. I’m suffering from withdrawal. I have the idea that I’m being healthier without them, but it may be at the expense of my mental health! (Kidding… kind of.)


… inbox zero. And I’d like it to last longer than a minute.

… a new Garmin. I have this new obsession with being able to run on my Zero Runner as a warm-up and then continue running outside and have my device track it all. But only two Garmin devices will do this right now. (FR 920xt and Vivoactive)

I think I want one of these… Do I NEED a @garmin upgrade? Maybe not… But WANT is high.

A photo posted by Jill (@jillwillrun) on


… 8 hours of sleep every single night. Or to somehow re-train myself to function on 5-6 hours of sleep a night… because I managed to live like that for YEARS and now I can barely muster my arse out of bed with 7 hours of sleep.

… a 50 degree early morning run. That just sounds delightful. Especially if I somehow got 8 hours of sleep before doing this! And it should come with no mommy guilt.

… my tomatoes to stop cracking.


… to see the play The Book of Mormon when it comes to Vegas this fall. That would entail finding a babysitter, we don’t have one of those. Our sole form of childcare comes from sending her to school each day. Oh, and actually buying tickets.

Book of Mormon - Broadway play logo

… someone to cook dinner for me for the rest of the month. Or year. I’m so sick of meal planning and meal prep. If I actually wrote blog posts about my meal planning and prep… well, I’d bore myself. But since I’m a mother, I have to actually do this task else my kid would starve. And I kind of like her!

… to remember moments like this for the rest of forever.

My little girl holding her grandpa's hand
Holding her grandpa’s hand after a busy morning at a parade and park on July 4.


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