New KT Tape Product – PRO X Patches

KT Tape Pro X patches are a convenient way to target pain.

I was sent some KT Tape PRO X patches to try, they’re being introduced this month to the market.  They’re designed to provide targeted pain relief for muscles. The beauty is that they don’t require any cutting or complicated application. They’re basically peel, stretch, stick, flatten. They can also be used in conjunction with regular KT Tape for more support.

I like them because they’re super easy to apply… unless you need it on your back. In which case, someone has to help. I slept funny and tweaked my back. I had my husband apply a patch. He didn’t really apply it with enough stretch, but even what he did helped support that spot.

Peekaboo @kttape for the spot that appeared in my back that is making breathing painful.

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I like that these are pretty obvious if you’re having pain, X marks the spot for application. It’s pretty straightforward. They come in a small, hard travel case to keep them all neatly together. They’ll be available in drug stores and sporting good stores beginning this month (July 2015) and will retail for $19.99.

Disclosure: I was sent a pack of the PRO X patches for free to try and to review on my blog.

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