Pursuit of a Running Skirt


Alright… I’ve tried wearing running skirts in the past. I’ve had a few of them:

  • a Brooks skirt way back in 2008. This was before they were so commonplace and I felt like a goon wearing it. Also, the inner shorts rode up really bad and that was annoying!
  • Go Girl Sport skirt, another one with the shorts riding up problem.
  • a Mizuno skirt that I wore, and LOVED, while pregnant, but it stopped fitting after I wasn’t pregnant anymore. Go figure.

But I have decided, for some unknown reason, that I need to try a running skirt again. I guess it stems from the fact that most of my running shorts are pretty old and are showing some wear, I figured I may as well try again. So now I’m looking around at my options… lots to choose from.

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Maybe I’ll have to post a skirt face-off…

So please, let me know what kind of skirts, or shorts, you swear by!


  1. I took the plunge and bought a TekGear skirt from Kohls (it was only $15). It is OK for a shorter run, but after a while the under shorts start to ride up. I do love the whole skirt concept because they are a bit longer and I may have runner legs but I’m also 40 years old and don’t need 1″ inseam shorts! I’m going to try to find a pair with a brief on the inside instead of the shorts and hopefully cure the ride up issue!

    • I’m curious if the cheaper ones are just garbage… because the cheapo Target one I bought was terrible and I tried to run in it once only to end up circling the block to go home and change before continuing my run! Others on Facebook have told me the RunningSkirts.com ones with the brief in them are great!

  2. I swear by the lululemon running skirts (pace rival ii, in particular.) I have tried a number of brands, and the lululemon ones are the only ones where the shorts don’t ride up. I wear them regularly on long runs, and I recently wore one in a half marathon and nothing budged. They are the perfect length (at least on me) to prevent riding up, and also have a little grippy strip at the bottom of each short that holds them in place. I find them amazingly comfortable. I’ve had to return the Athleta and Title Nine ones I bought because of shorts creep. I may try that Brooks one you posted above with the silicone grips as well!

    • Thanks for the grippy strip endorsement… I thought that sounded like a potentially good item to have in a running skirt, but wasn’t certain. I have a bit of a bias against lululemon lately because of their weirdo CEO and the comments he made. But he’s gone and I shouldn’t hold a grudge… I have liked their stuff in the past! LOL!

  3. I love my SkirtSports TRIKS Gym Girl skirt (so light–great for hot weather), my Brooks (not sure which version, but it has the shorts with the grippers), and Nike Core skirts. The Nike DRI-FIT ones just don’t work for me.

  4. I love my Jette skirt in the pop-arazzi print. It is one of the shorter skirts in the Skirt Sport lineup but it gives me a little sass in my stride. Full disclosure: I am a Skirts Sports brand ambassador. Here is a 20% discount code if you want to give them a try: SSAMB20NW. Good luck on your search for a running skirt!

  5. I have a huge collection of skirts from runningskirts.com and a few from Athelta. I love that runningskirts has a huge collection to choose from. Although I love the print of the North Face one you posted!

  6. Skirt Sports is my go to Skirt. The Gym Girl is the one I love the most. They also have fantastic capris and shorts. I love their Ice Queen pants for my winter running. If you want to check them out, you can use this coupon when ordering, SSRWM20. Let me know what you think.

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