SweatBlock: 7 Days of Protection?

Is it heating up where you live? Here in Las Vegas we topped 100 recently and we should be pretty firmly planted in the 100’s most of the time until October-ish. (But always remember… it’s a dry heat!)


I was sent a sample of SweatBlock. Instead of rubbing on the traditional stick/roll-on/gel/etc. formulas we’re used to SweatBlock is a little towelette in an individual packet. After a shower, you open it up and press the towelette against your skin. Don’t rub, just press it in places. And here’s the beauty… after you do that you’re wearing antiperspirant for a week.

One application lasts up to 7 days!

Sure, you may want to apply a little deodorant (Did you know there was a difference? Some people don’t realize that you can buy something that is just deodorant vs. the deodorant/antiperspirant combo that is more prevalent.) because the pits are a dark area that doesn’t get much air and are thus prone to bacteria, but you could use one of those crazy hippy crystal deodorants or something equivalent.


A lot of the literature on the SweatBlock site says it is for those with excessive underarm sweating, but it’s not just for those individuals. I certainly wouldn’t say I have an excessive level… but I do live where it’s hot and I notice an increase in sweating as the summer temps rise. In addition to underarms, there are a lot of anecdotal recommendations from users that have had success applying it to other spots.

  • Got super sweaty feet? You could try it there.
  • Sweaty palms? Yep, that’s another spot you could try it.
  • I had a friend who said she got sweaty inner thighs during summer here. Maybe TMI? But she could try applying Sweat Block there.

The company states that it was formulated for the pits and their guarantee is for underarm sweat protection only, but they’re pleased with the feedback from customers who have had other success!

It has a slight clove scent when applying, but that disappears pretty quickly.

If you are a person who shuns all aluminum in antiperspirants, then this probably isn’t for you. The active ingredient is 14% aluminum chloride hexahydrate. But if you’re one of those people, maybe you’re used to just wearing deodorant and being a little sweaty. Personally, I’ve become accustomed to not liking the feel of sweat and until there is some kind of truly definitive information telling me to not wear an antiperspirant for medical reasons, I’m going to keep being anti-perspiring. Well… except when I run. It’s inevitable then, but this keeps me fresh much longer!

You can buy an 8 week supply of SweatBlock on Amazon for $19.99 or $18.99 if you do Subscribe and Save. I am going to buy more to get me through the summer. Honestly… I like the way it works!

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