Skirt Convert?

I’ve never been a fan of running skirts. I’ve tried… I’ve bought a couple of them and usually found them uncomfortable… both physically and mentally. Physically due to shorts underneath riding up too much during the run or the waist being too big without a drawstring. Mentally due to the fact that I felt more body conscious in them.

But there’s a part of me that still wanted to wear one… everybody else looks so cute in them!

So when I was given the chance to try a new running skirt from Mizuno, I took the leap. I was sent the Mizuno Meridian Skirt. I ordered it a size up from what I would have worn before getting pregnant. The waist has a drawstring so I can make sure the waist is fitting right.

When I first tried it on I liked it. There is a cool little pocket on the left thigh of the shorts that can hold my iPhone and there is a headphone cord port a little higher up to feel the cord through. There is also an interior key pocket, but I never ever use those on running gear. They always seem awkward to me. The skirt has a reflective pattern on it that is subtle in the light, but adds to the safety factor when running in the dark.

And now, at 27 weeks (almost 28 weeks) pregnant… the skirt still is fitting comfortably!
Mizuno Running Skirt

In fact… it is now more comfortable than any of my old running shorts.

Running shorts have started to ride up in between my legs. I’m blaming that on naturally occurring spreading of the hips, thighs and buttocks that happens in pregnancy. With the skirt the shorts aren’t riding up  as bad as looser cut running shorts, and even if they do it’s hidden!

So I am now tempted to get some more running skirts. They seem to work better for me while pregnant and where I used to feel like some kind of fashion-fraud wearing them before, now they actually help me to feel more confident about my body while running.

Interesting how things can change!

Legalese: I was sent this running skirt for free to review on the site, however I would purchase another one!

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