Working Mom

Typing some numbers into a spreadsheet for a meeting that starts in 2 minutes. My cell rings. Glance at the display, it’s the kid’s school. Nothing good ever comes from a call from the kid’s school at 8:58 AM. 


“Hi Jill. ‘A’ threw up. A lot. All over her shoes and clothes.”

Internal sigh… “Okay, I’ll be there soon.”

Frantically email those I’m supposed to meet with and tell them we need to reschedule. Grab some clean clothes and shoes and get in the car.

Drive to school, kid is sitting in a chair dressed in her backup clothes and happily eating a piece of toast. “Hi Mommy! Let’s go to the zoo!”

Take the kid home, start washing the vomit clothes, get her settled down with the iPad and try to cancel other work plans, reply to emails and take a phone call. 

Feel like a crappy employee for the umpteenth time since having a kid. 

To all single or childless people… I promise this isn’t something a working parent revels in. I like getting my work done and hovering with a bucket nearby in case a two-year-old pukes again isn’t the way I enjoy spending time.

Of course… She’s fine. Just one puke to clear out the system. But that one (uncontrollable) action can mess up a whole week!

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