Holiday Weekend, What?

Was it a holiday yesterday? It was a Monday and I didn’t have work. It was a Monday and my kid didn’t have school. It was a Monday and my husband didn’t go into the office. But he worked the whole day and I don’t think I’ve ever seen my child react so vehemently against going to park as she did yesterday. So my kid and I had a very boring day that went back and forth from watching Go Diego Go (seriously, this is a good kids show!) and playing with toys in the bonus room and “doing exercises” together while my husband worked from home all day.

Maybe it wasn’t boring to my kid. I think she was happy with the non-festivities. And I get a kick out of it when she wants to “go exercise” with me. I’m never quite sure what it means we’ll end up doing. Sometimes we make up an obstacle course, sometimes we do yoga and recently she’s decided she likes trying to figure out walking on the treadmill. We will have it set at 0.6mph and she’ll decide to sit down on it while it’s moving or she’ll try to step off the side. It’s a little scary for me, I never knew I could get my heart rate up that much from going that slow! Or she’ll instruct me to pick her up and want me to keep the walking going though. That’s a fun motion, sweeping a kid up who has stopped moving and is standing in front of you on a moving treadmill belt.

Treadmill while carrying a kid.
Treadmill while carrying a kid.

When we do yoga she insists that she needs to get special clothes on, mainly because she’s seen me put on workout clothes to do yoga. And my yoga “wardrobe” consists of capris that ride down if you run in them, so they’re relegated to the more peaceful motions of yoga as well as tanks with built-in shelf bras that no woman, even non-endowed ones like me, would consider running in. So of course, #AwesomeA needs yoga clothes. So she pulls out a tank top from my drawer and says, “I’ll wear this one.” Then she does some poses with me, tells me that “I can’t know how to do that.” on some of them, crawl under me when I’m inverted, sit on top of me at other times, and will lay down on the floor and pull her yoga mat on top of her and say “Good night! Wait! It’s not bedtime!”

It’s fun… I get a kick out of it.

For the most part, yesterday didn’t feel like any kind of holiday. Even more ironic, it was my anniversary too and it STILL didn’t feel like any kind of special day. According to those weirdo things that tell you what kind of anniversary gifts to give each year, it was the animals or gold jewelry anniversary. I didn’t get either of those nor did I want those. (And apparently after next year, then you just start celebrating every 5 years.) In fact, we just sat down together at the end of the day and decided to order something online that we both wanted. Actually, something I really wanted and something I told him he should want too. Cause that’s how you celebrate after a while. But somehow when stumbling around online I found little kid workout clothes and I have to admit I’m super tempted to order these for my daughter. I could probably refrain from ordering the jackets… we have entered no-jacket-weather for the next several months here in Las Vegas. But the yoga capris and running shorts are ADORABLE! And that’s the real way to celebrate Memorial Day, buying stuff. Right?

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  1. Sometimes the best holidays are the ones where you have nothing in particular on the schedule and just do whatever you feel like doing. Those little capris are super cute!

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