Friday Fête

Last Saturday we took off to San Diego. My daughter started to ask to go to a zoo in January… so I guess making her wait 5 months was long enough? She was so excited, but I think it made our trip easier. She’s not a fan of riding in the car for a long time, but we made it through this trip pretty well! She loved the zoo and the beach, Sea World was probably more “pretty good” in her book.


  • I think I bought my first pair of “athleisure” pants at an Athleta store in San Diego. And I’m ridiculously excited about them. And they’re not tights. Although, I saw A LOT of people in CA wearing patterned workout tights as regular everyday apparel. I can’t do that.
  • Also… seriously Athleta. OPEN A STORE IN LAS VEGAS! Or maybe not, I’d probably go there too often.
  • I need a new wardrobe though. The state of my closet is very very sad.
  • There was an earthquake here in NV today… I don’t think I felt it even if lots of people here did. Or if I did, I just chalked it up to the construction that is happening right next to my neighborhood.
  • Do you think it was part of GoPro’s original business plan to capture the final moments of people’s lives? It feels like we may see more and more of these.
  • I slowed down a lot during marathon training. I need to reclaim my Strava segment course records. I ran one of them today and I missed my old PR on it by a few seconds, but the new CR by about 15 seconds. Time to do work… for no real reason except that I feel like it.

Have a good Memorial Day weekend! Got any fun plans?

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