Friday Fête

Did you grow up in the 80’s and watch Jem? I did… I actually dressed up like Pizzazz from the Misfits (the villain girl band from the show?) for Halloween one year… that must have been 87ish? Anyway, my friends and I loved that show. I saw a link the other day to watch the trailer for the new Jem and the Holograms movie.  So I watched it… and it made me feel all creepy and sad inside. It’s not the Jem that I loved as a kid. Probably for the best… I’m sure that, like most things I liked as a kid, the original is pretty bad when viewed now.

I need to get my training back to consistency! I enjoyed having a couple of weeks off from running after the Boston Marathon. But after that my work ramped up and I have had to leave town for work every week for the past 4 weeks. I’m over that. It’s exhausting and it throws a kink into consistency with my training. When I started running again I felt clumsy, but this week I’ve had some good runs. This morning I was planning on going to hit a trail… but they’re doing some road re-paving on my street today and there are some guys walking around in circles in front of my house right now blowing debris everywhere. So I’m going to avoid stepping out in that for now. Today would be the day to have a Zero Runner!

Pivotal Living wearable

I was recently sent a Pivotal Living fitness tracker. I’ll post a full review after I use it for a bit, but I just wanted to tell you the really cool angle to this tracker. The band is free! Well, kind of. See, you sign up for a $12 one-year membership to the app and all your wearable-generated data and you get a complimentary device. And when you renew for another year, you get the new version of the device. This way you can always stay on top of the changing technology instead of feeling stuck with that device you just paid $100+ for one week before the new version was launched! So for the next little bit I’m wearing two fitness trackers, just to give it a test!


Recycle GU wrappers

Terracycle and GU Energy Labs have partnered to let athletes send in their empty endurance gel packets for recycling. Read more about gel wrapper recycling over on


Fabletics Brook Tee II

I just bought this tee from Fabletics in Dark Grey… it’s super soft, super comfy, and just all around awesome! I just wish the only two colors it came in weren’t super bright pink and super bring coral.

Brook Tee II   Fabletics


This post took entirely too long to write… mainly because of sifting through crap in my inbox and figuring out which is worth sharing a little. And surprisingly little made the cut.


  1. How’s it going with the Pivotal Living tracker? I ordered one to try as well, but my phone is too old to sync with it so it doesn’t really work. I have to wait until August to upgrade. *sigh* Just wondering your thoughts. 😉

    • I like it, and I REALLY like it for the price and the business model. I have found that it tracks fewer steps than my Garmin Vivofit does in the same time, but I think that isn’t that big of an issue if the user just picks a tracker and sticks with that one. You’ll never end up with the exact same info on each. I LOVE the vibrate alarm, I just wish the user interface was a little friendlier on that aspect for setting alarms. Maybe they’ll improve upon that. But it’s really a pretty good little tracker!

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