Wearable Tech to Manage Pain?!

I work a desk job… I sit at a computer for a lot of hours each day. But since I telecommute, I can usually stand up and do some jumping jacks without anyone as a witness, or I can respond to emails on my laptop while using my FitDesk, or I can use the upstairs bathroom instead of the one on the same floor as my office. Little ways to get some extra movement in to my day. But the past few weeks I’ve been making a lot of drives to work on site, which means a lot of time sitting in the car. And I’m finding my hips getting tight and even a few sore spots. So I foam roll and roll on Yoga Tune-Up balls and do hip opening yoga poses.

In addition to the hip trouble spots, my shoulders are chronically knotted up and I have pain in my wrist from using a mouse all day lately. I feel a little bit like a mess some days!


So when I heard about the new Cur device, I was really interested. I want to get my hands on one of these… basically it’s a small TENS device, it sends a small current into the muscle to release pain. It’s useful for people with chronic pain, desk jockeys who develop cricks and creaks from being too stationary, or from active individuals who develop cricks and creaks from being active. (Wait a minute… how is this fair? We get problems from moving and NOT moving!) Maybe it’s just that it’s good for people who are aging… and we’re all aging!

I got to ask the CEO, Shaun Rahimi,  a few questions via email about it:

1. How long would the sensor/pads last?
Two weeks.

2. Is it possible for the consumer to mess this up and place it in a way that is harmful?
Cur’s biosensing technology is designed to measure your body and provide accurate settings that can lead to clinically effective results. That said, it’s designed for places below the head, meaning it’s not designed for migraines — just chronic pain like the hips you referred to, low back, etc.

3. Are there any pains that this wouldn’t be usable for?
Migraines/anything above the shoulders

4. Does it communicate with a smartphone? Or is there some other mechanism that controls it? And how does it work if you don’t have wires looped all over you?  
Cur has wireless and smartphone connectivity and a mobile app that allows people to build their own customized treatments for different reasons like rehab, massage, neuroscience, pain and even training for a marathon.

5. How much will this cost?
$299 retail, however for the first 30 days (May 13 – June 13) it will sell for $149!

6. How do people get it?

I also shared the full press release about it over on TheRUNiverse.com. I’m a geek… I’d love to get my hands on one. Or get this on my hands and upper back for some pain relief!

Disclaimer: Why do I feel like I need to write a disclaimer because I wrote a post about a product that I haven’t tried and just find interesting? Because that’s the state of the blogosphere now. Le sigh…

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