Friday Fête

I am a creature of habit… I like having a schedule. And it’s been weird to have my daughter’s school closed for a few days, go on vacation for a week and then attend a conference for work. That’s over 2 weeks where my schedule has been totally off the norm. And it’s been kind of fun! But I guess I’m looking forward to settling into routines more, but I need to look for more opportunities to be adventuresome. I’m kind of feeling like I want to go on vacation by myself, just to explore some place new without anyone else’s schedule! Has anyone done that? I went to the BlogHer conference in 2008 on my own, but I stayed at the host hotel with friends when I got there and of course there was the whole conference so I wasn’t truly on my own… but it was still fun!

Mizuno Baton

If you’ve got a smartphone, consider downloading the Mizuno Baton app. For every mile run with the app a dollar is donated to Back on my Feet. It’s super simple to use and you can run other GPS tracking apps on your phone simultaneously.


I just like seeing running going toward something good… and now more people can be involved in charity running without having to fundraise thousands of dollars. (Not that I would ever discourage that approach either… I’ve done it and I feel like it’s always been a positive in my life!)

Your Order?

My kid woke up today with a very specific request. “Eat mato, nees, emem?” Translation: “Eat tomato, cheese and M&M’s?” She was a little disappointed when there were no M&M’s on her plate, but she was pleased with blueberries.

Fix Me

I got a new Stitch Fix yesterday. I’ll take photos and share them soon. It’s always fun to get that box in the mail!



I had a one-week trial to CrunchLive, it’s basically an online portal that gives us people that don’t live in LA or NYC access to the cool classes they offer at Crunch gyms. For just $9.99 a month you can have access to any of the classes on the system. During my trial period I did an ab class (which was tough) and since I’ve been on a barre kick lately, I had to try their Barre Assets class. It was fun, much more ballerina-ish than other classes I’ve done. The instructor was very much ballet company instructor and in some ways I felt pretty clumsy doing the moves (I’m not a dancer!) but it was still a great workout!

Barre Assets   Crunch Live

Sign up for a free trial if you’re interested, it’s always fun to get some new movement in your life, right?


Athletic Propulsion Labs (APL) a company whose technology was banned by the NBA has debuted running shoes. I wonder if they stand a chance of making it in this field, if they’ll end up banned by the USATF or if they’ll just be a weird niche off in the corner talking to itself. It’s a tough field to break into! Best of luck!

Athletic Propulsion Labs Women's Shoes


A Kickstarter campaign that just makes me laugh because of the whole title:
AERRO: Athletic Shorts and Pants that Prevent Sweaty Balls

Brooks Love Survey

Lastly, a survey from Brooks reveals:
76% of all runners (84% of males) believe that people look sexy when they’re running and three-quarters agree that they’d be more attracted to someone if they found out he or she was a runner. Turning thoughts into action, half of all surveyed (51%) have used running as their pick-up line.

I’ve never used running as a pick-up line. Mainly because I was married once I started running and that just doesn’t impress my husband that much.

Brooks Survey Infographic

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