My 5th Stitch Fix

I received my 5th Stitch Fix on Thursday. If you’re unfamiliar with the service, it is a styling service… You pay a $20 styling fee, fill out a style profile and get a box of 5 items selected by a stylist just for you based on feedback you provide. If you keep anything, your $20 styling fee is applied toward the purchase. If you buy everything you get a discount.

This box had a lot of misses, not all due to style but because of fit issues. I truly felt like a little girl playing dress up with much of these.

Pink Martini – Sally Mixed Striped Dress – $64

This is a dress with pockets! That’s totally awesome, dresses hardly ever have pockets. Doesn’t the world know I have a phone to carry around all the time? But alas, the sole presence of pockets could not redeem this one. First, I hate sweetheart necklines. Second, I was swimming in it… I think I need a bigger rack for this. Third, while it’s cute, the color made me feel a little like a creamsicle.

LA MADE – Perry Mix Striped Crossfront Racerback Maxi Dress – $98

I’m not a maxi dress person. Apparently I’m too short, although I’m not really that short and there are plenty of people shorter than me who wear them. Maybe they tailor them… I’m too lazy for that. Other problems with this dress, besides the puddling of material around my feet, the top was way too large. I don’t own an appropriate bra for the racerback. The crossfront is just wide open, thus I’m certain a toddler or a strong breeze would open it up to expose me in public.


Tart – Caroline Tie Dye Print Maxi Skirt – $98

First of all…. nearly $100 bucks for a polyester skirt? No… also, it’s too long, like every maxi item in existence. Also, it’s loose around the waist. I can pull it up to my armpits and it’s about the right length to my feet, but then I just look like I’m wearing the ugliest muumuu ever!


Ellison – Josie Cut-Out Embroidery Detail Cotton Tank – $48

I like the idea of this tank, it’s got potential. But it costs too much for a white tank that will get dirty too easily, it’s way too big and billowy and I could probably have worn it when I was 8th months pregnant.


Kensie Jeans – Kaleigh Ankle Biter Skinny Jean – $88

But I don’t have to lose my styling fee completely… they sent me a pair of green jeans (something we’ve tried in the past because for some reason, I’ve really wanted green jeans!) and they work. They’ve got a great amount of stretch so they are comfortable and I don’t feel like I’m in a competition to stuff myself in sausage casing. The only downside is that I’m living in the earthly hair dryer right now (Las Vegas) and I probably won’t be wearing long pants for a few months. Unless I can escape and go somewhere else… Hmmm…. I need a vacation somewhere cool just to wear specific pants? San Francisco? I went there in the summer once and nearly froze to death!


Getting the box each time is a lot of fun. And the items that I’ve kept have consistently garnered me compliments when I go out. But I think I’m going to hold off on the service for a while. Maybe I’ll revisit it in the fall, who knows?

I pay for my own Fixes, nobody asked or paid me to post these. But if you do sign up for Stitch Fix using my referral link, I get a small credit, which is much appreciated!

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