Buoy Chair – Sit Actively! [GIVEAWAY!]

A while back I shared a link on Twitter and Facebook about an awesome chair that I stumbled upon online. I sit at my desk to work on a computer all day… and people aren’t really made to sit that long. But it’s the way our world has evolved and I don’t see a treadmill desk in my future. I’ve tried sitting on an exercise ball at times, but it’s really the wrong height for my desk. So when I saw this awesome chair, I was excited. I had to share it with everyone.

The Buoy chair by Turnstone.

Man sitting on a Buoy chair

And after I shared the link, Turnstone reached out to me and I got to talk with the company a little; then they offered to send me one! Holy cow!

Yep… it’s a little wacky looking, but it’s also kind of sleek and sexy. (Cause I think a chair is sexy!) When my toddler walked into my office and saw it instead of my regular chair, she said, “Uh oh! Uh oh!” But that’s mainly because she didn’t have somewhere to sit with that chair in the regular place.

The Buoy in it’s natural habitat… AKA my messy office as opposed to a professional photo!

The Buoy has a curved bottom, so you are unsteady and you have to use your core to stay stable, kind of like sitting on a ball but you don’t have to worry about inflating it AND it has a lever to raise/lower the chair to the perfect height for your workstation/body.

Lever on Buoy Chair

I love sitting on it while I work, I find that I focus better and it doesn’t fatigue me. It’s very lightweight, so it’s easy to move out of the way (I can tuck it all the way under my desk) and roll the regular chair back in place for the toddler to sit at my desk and color. (She likes to use a pen all over a notepad and pick up my desk phone to say “HELLO!”) The only problem I have, as a telecommuter I have a lot of videoconferences and I find myself swaying/rocking back and forth when sitting on it (more than you have to in order to be steady, I just like to move… I’m a fidgeter!) and then worry that I look like a nut to my colleagues! Of course, they already know I’m a little wacky anyway!

I can’t come up with any downsides to this chair. I can sit on it for my entire workday, it’s comfy and it just makes me smile. If I could convince my work to start replacing everyone’s chairs with these, I totally would. Of course, I know a lot of my coworkers wouldn’t want to make that change.

But if you read my site, you probably have a little bit of a vested interest in health (or you’re related to me) and are probably interested in ways to improve your wellbeing. Right? You want one of these, right?

Well, the awesome people at Turnstone are letting me GIVE ONE AWAY via my site. This may be one of the cooler giveaways I’ve had on here. This baby is valued at $200+! They’re even letting the winner choose their own body/cap colors… so it’s customized for the winner.

Enter via the Rafflecopter widget. You can earn entries by following Turnstone and me on Facebook/Twitter, tweeting a message or get 5 entries by leaving a comment on this post!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Yes, I received the chair for free. I have to mention that for legal reasons. But I totally love it and I’m really grateful that Turnstone offered me that opportunity and if I had tons of money, I would buy one for all of you. (Except you… you know who you are!)

Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.


  1. This chair looks OUTSTANDING!!! would be perfect for my office where I do altogether too much sitting and active sitting between time with patients would be such an improvement.

  2. I love this! I also work remotely and this would be an amazing addition to my office. To say active while working, I try and walk around when I am on conference calls. I also use a tall glass for water (as opposed to a bigger bottle) so I have to keep going downstairs to refill it.

  3. That chair looks genius! I would love to have that in my home office…I do try and get up every so often, but my posture when sitting in a regular chair is awful. Good review. I already follow you, but I’ll follow Turnstone now.

  4. This is so much better than my exercise ball. I love it and think it looks awesome and is a great replacement!!

  5. Oh, I have been trying to figure something out to make all the time I now spend studying more comfortable and help my back and knees hurt less from so much sitting! I also tried an exercise ball but it’s the wrong height. I would love to win this chair!

  6. I’m at my desk for 8 hours a day. I find myself slumping and slouching with lower back pain.
    I would love to give this chair a chance to save my aching back!

  7. I would love one of these chairs! I try to make sure I get up from my desk at least every 1/2 hour, but this would make me feel so much better about the amount of time I spend at a desk all day!

  8. This could be a life-altering chair! I sit for my job, and try to drink a pint of water every hour – that’s how I know to get up – because I need a refill! I’m seriously in the market for a new chair. This one isn’t ugly/weird looking like the exerball chairs. I would LOVE to have this!

  9. This chair looks awesome, I hope I win! I work from home right now and I drink A LOT of water so I’m basically forced to get up regularly to go to the bathroom. But in 3 weeks I’ll be back in an office environment and the lack of privacy is something I’m going to have to get used to. Not that I’m sitting at my desk in my underwear or anything, but I can stand and move around while on speakerphone for conference calls (no video conferencing thank goodness) and sometimes I even break out my Stick to work on my calves and quads. Having this chair would be great to take to my new office, and being vertically-challenged, I love that it’s adjustable.

  10. I would love one of these chairs! I sit at my desk for work 9-10 hours a day and have so many telecoms with coworkers across the country I barely ever get a break for lunch. This would be great!

  11. I do a lot of hand, shoulder, neck, and leg exercises while chained to my desk. I also try to get up and move around a bit & take a quick break.

  12. I find that I spend a lot of time at my desk, but I’m an IT guy, so I get to go help coworkers with their technology problems when they arise. I also find that because I drink a lot of water, I take a break about once an hour to use the restroom, which isn’t real close to my office. That keeps me moving more.

  13. I try to take fun breaks. I do administrative work and also teach tennis so I get to do computer stuff and take “breaks” out on the court.

  14. I convert my desk into a standing workstation by propping my keyboard on an overturned box, my laptop on a metal stand, and my second monitor on a few reams of paper. And I’ll often do yoga poses while I am on the phone: tree, warrior (just the legs), chair pose…

  15. I normally try moving by rocking in a non-rocking chair. That doesn’t work too well ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. I’ve had constant neck and back pain from my chair/desk combo. My desk is a monstrosity probably from the 1950s and my chair can’t slide under unless it’s at it’s lowest so my shoulders are all scrunched to reach the keyboard.

  17. I would love to replace my sad little office chair with one of these awesome looking chairs! I like the part about using your core to steady yourself, as a yoga fan this chair would definitely help me keep my core active,

  18. HUGE FAN of the Buoy! Such a great addition to every office!

    Currently, to get up an move away from my desk, I try to follow the 50 minute rule. Depending on work load, I either get up and get more water or a healthy snack, or I’m at least standing/stretching to get some movement in there. It’s tough when you’re overloaded, but it definitely helps work out the kinks and get you standing!

  19. I work in the sports field so I have to constantly be moving. I love it. There are some administrative parts to the job but I get to do that in little bits and pieces throughout the day which is awesome.

  20. My coworkers and I do some sort of activity every 3 hours. It’s either a quick froyo run, a quick walk around the outside of our building etc.

  21. I did not even know something like this existed. I’m totally interested in getting one for my home office! I don’t move too much during the work day, but sometimes I get up and bust out a few pushups or chinups ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. I’m definitely a fidgeter (I am fidgeting as I type this), and I also try to get up and walk around during the day. But my fitbit has shown me that I could be doing a lot more…

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