HoneyMaxx: Honey-based sports drink

HoneyMaxx is the world’s first honey-based sports drink. The developers created it out of a need for healthy hydration that avoids the highly refined sugars found in all other sports drinks… and they let me try it!

HoneyMaxx packets

Most sports drinks are very engineered drinks, so processed and very unnatural. HoneyMaxx is based out of dried honey powder sourced from North American bees. Honey is more easily digestible than other sugars and it’s a very effective carbohydrate source for athletes.

HoneyMaxx packets backs

Other ingredients in HoneyMaxx are interesting too. The ingredients are outlined on their website and they’re all explained. Some that caught my eye:

  • Ginger: A natural anti-inflammatory, this helps enhance the digestive process and soothe the GI tract. They have reports of athletes with extremely distressed digestive systems (Crohn’s patients) who used it with no trouble.
  • Magnesium: I haven’t seen this electrolyte in sports drinks, but have often heard about its importance for muscle function. But it’s included in HoneyMaxx!
  • Stevia & Xylitol: Why would these sweeteners be needed in a honey-based product? Well, they’re used to help smooth out the salty flavors brought on by the electrolytes.

Mixing directions are specific, more so than other drinks:

HoneyMaxx mixing directions

They say that it takes a little more time because real food takes more time! It’s worth the wait. My first time I dumped it in, I dumped it too fast. Due to this it took a little longer to get it mixed in well, but it still worked out.

HoneyMaxx powder in a CleanBottle Runner
Clumpy stuff after it’s sat in the bottle for 5 minutes.

I liked the taste, it’s not super sweet and there’s definitely a slight honey flavor to it. (DUH!) I didn’t experience any stomach discomfort with this stuff, which I frequently do with sports drinks.

I also like the idea that you can use this as a sports drink for kids. Alex is obviously too small to be on a sports team or anything like that, but why pump little kids full of chemicals? Their site recommends half-strength as a serving size for kids.

You can buy HoneyMaxx in a box of 10 single-serve packets for $21.95 or a bag of 20 servings for $21.95. Obviously the bag is the better deal!

Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.


  1. i don’t know if I like the idea of having to wait for my drink to be ready for consumption. It sounds like an interesting product, and I might be willing to try it once, but in the ends I’d much prefer something a little more “quicker”.

    • The 5 minutes isn’t that bad. I mixed it in to half a bottle of water, got changed into my running gear and was good to go!

  2. Thanks for the great review Jill!

    Black n Write Reveiewer: we completely understand the need and desire for ‘quicker’ and super convenient. We like to compare that little but of prep time to the time you would take to cook a healthy meal vs. fast food.

    JoJo @ RunFastEatLots: it is exactly that – dehydrated honey. Real honey! #RealFoodNotChemicals

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