Book List

Just wanted to share some of the books that I’ve been entertained by lately!

Doing Harm

I love me a good thriller. I have read legal, economic, detective and medical thrillers. I always come back to the genre, even when I get on a different kick (like my latest young adult dystopian interest.)  I listened to the audiobook Doing Harm by Dr. Kelly Parsons and really enjoyed it. I was a little snobby thinking, “I know where this is going.” Then it took a turn and surprised me, a few more times! I will keep an eye out for Dr. Parsons future novels, hopefully he has time to crank some out while he continues to practice medicine!

Doing Harm by Kelly Parsons

The Fault in Our Stars

I shared a link on Facebook a while ago about all the books being turned into movies in 2014 and several people commented saying they couldn’t believe that I hadn’t read The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. So I downloaded it… and devoured it. It’s just a beautiful book and it’s so exquisitely written! I would love to see teenagers that actually talk like the main Hazel and Gus do in this book. I would love to see ADULTS that talk like this!

The Fault in our Stars by John Green

The Gym-Free Journal

The Gym-Free Journal by Brett Stewart is a workbook that outlines workouts you can do in your home without the need for special equipment. It is a three month plan, but I’m not following it like that. I just flip it open and do one of the workouts on occasion as it fits in with everything else I’m trying to do. You can use it as a log to keep track of your workouts as well. The exercises are strength-based with cardio intervals. The journal pages outline each exercise and how many reps you should ideally do (with reference to the page in the book where you’ll find the description of the exercise) and also has space for you to log your nutrition.

The Gym-Free Journal by Brett Stewart

The Long Run

I just started listening to The Long Run by Matt Long on my run today. I’m about a quarter of a way through it (I listen to audiobooks on 2x speed!) and I have to admit, there’s a lot to cringe about. Matt’s injuries are so horrific and I have to admit I was a little leery of running on the streets while listening to his accident. But anyway, if you’re unfamiliar… the book is how Long, a NYC Firefighter, was hit by a bus while on his bike and recounts his journey back to health and re-learning how to walk AND run.

The Long Run by Matt Long

I also listened to the entire Divergent trilogy. I had read the first two books, but with the release of the third book in the series and impending movie release I felt I had to brush up on the whole set!

What have you read (or listened) to lately?


    • I LOVE that book. You should listen to the audiobook version of it, hearing the stories in David Sedaris’ own voice is AWESOME!

  1. Everyone keeps telling me I need to read The Fault in Our Stars–I liked the sample–but other books keep jumping ahead of it in line. I just finished Anna Quindlen’s Still Life with Bread Crumbs after a friend insisted I read it. Enjoyable, if not very deep. Before that I read Stephen King’s “pulp” mystery, Joyland, which I liked a lot, and just put the audio version of The Poisonwood Bible on hold at the library, since I have a lot of driving to do this week.

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