Friday Fête

I shared the link to the marathon/half marathon/10K in Washington that is hosted by The Oatmeal on Facebook/Twitter/G+, but I’m sharing it here again. Because it sounds awesome and I want to do it! Beat the Blerch – Odds of me actually getting to it? Slim to none…. but it sounds great! Oh, and you can preorder the running book by The Oatmeal. His stuff cracks me up, I even have a poster from one of his comics on the wall of my office: How a web design goes straight to hell (Web development is my full-time job, this rings so true to me!)


I had the opportunity to attend a blogging-related function this week and I couldn’t go. In my RSVP I mentioned that it sounded great, I’d love to attend but I couldn’t due to the fact that I had no childcare as it’s my husband’s busy time of year. The response I got was “Time management is a great skill to learn.” WHAT?! Yes, it is…. but how will time management skills MAKE MY HUSBAND NOT BE AT WORK ALL THE TIME so I can go to a party, talk blog-shop and watch others get drunk? I can manage the crap out of my time, it doesn’t give me any control over my spouse’s time. It just kind of irked me and rubbed me the wrong way.

I saw the post “The Myth of Happiness – and How to be Truly Happy” on Greatist yesterday and was excited to read it, because I haven’t been feeling all that happy lately. I have moments of happy, but overall I’m frustrated with life. There are a lot of good things, don’t get me wrong. But I just feel like I have no control over my life. And I like control. I guess that’s obvious because I ended up with an ED due to that need for control. Life isn’t a tidy little thing that can always be tied up with a bow, but it would sure be nice to feel like you have some kind of idea how to plan for things in life. Anyway… the article basically told me to choose to be happy. But it’s hard to just “choose” happiness when you feel stuck. So it was unfulfilling… but it’s a nice post.

I choose happiness...
Image via

Of course, this interactive chart on The Huffington Post can induce smiles: This Chart Will Take You From Grumpy to Happy in Just a Few Minutes

Happiness Chart

Also: 40 Things That Will Make You Happier

Speaking of attempting to have some control over my life… I decided to follow the Run The Edge 10K training plan. It’s super fun to have a training plan that looks like a game board! And I’ve never actually trained for a 5K or 10K, they’ve just always happened in the course of training for longer events! The only problem is the 10K I thought I would train for is now going to be off the table due to a vacation in June. So the only other 10K I can find anywhere in the vicinity of that is two weeks earlier and it’s a trail race, so it’s not quite the same as trying to PR in a race because I never try to PR on trails… they’re all so different! But I’m still following the training plan, I need/want/crave a training plan in my life again.

Run the Edge

The 2nd annual Zion Half Marathon is this weekend. I really wish I was running it. Last year’s Zion Half was the last half marathon that I ran! (I swore I wasn’t doing another half until I had weaned Alex after that race. Well, she’s been weaned for 6+ months, and I haven’t done a half!) I hate that I used to be able to knock out 13-15 miles on any given weekend and now the thought of running more than 6 miles sounds hard. I gotta build back up! I do have a half I’m registered for in September so I know it will happen, it’s just weird how much life can change.

2013 Zion Half Marathon - Alex and Mommy
Throwback pick to the 2013 Zion Half marathon, one of my favorite race related photos EVER! Alex is 7-months-old here.

I bought a Nutri Bullet last weekend and have made a green “juice” each day this week. (Great deal on it at Costco right now if you’re a member!) I use the word “juice” loosely here because the Nutri Bullet doesn’t extract juice and leave the pulp behind, it just pulverizes everything so it makes a thick juice. (You can add more water to thin it down.) I like it, it’s way easier than our big juicer and I like that I’m consuming more fruits and veggies with it. But whenever I see things online from people that say they’ve started juicing and they feel “AMAZING” I always assume that’s exaggerated. So I just want to say… I DO NOT feel amazing. In fact, I don’t feel any different, except with the slight sense of satisfaction that I am consuming more produce. 🙂

I think I want to wear more skirts or dresses this summer to beat the heat and look more pulled together. But most don’t have pockets. Why? I need pockets to hold my phone! (Although, I will admit, sticking a phone in a back pocket on jeans is a really unflattering look, yet so many women seem to do it.) This dress says it has pockets… but I can’t see myself wearing a dress with a hot dog print.

Got any fun weekend plans? Tell me about them, let me live vicariously through you!


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