Ragnar Shout Outs

Shout Out To: My Vanmates

  • Chris: Our fearless (fearful?) captain who made this all happen!
  • Lindsay: Totally responsible for upping our kill count!
  • Lisa: Shared tons of wisdom on all her past Ragnar experiences.
  • Jeni Jo: Stepped in at the last-minute to fill a vacancy and fit right in!
  • Jen: The swimmer-runner with the awesomely warm parkas and yummy snacks!

Shout Out To: Van 1

The biggest bummer of Ragnar is that I don’t get to hang out with half of my team that much. But to the members of the other van: Dyani, Ellen, Kevin, Eric, Suzanne, Peter and Tera… Thanks for being part of the My Little Ponies team!


Shout Out To: Alissa

Alissa was supposed to be on our team originally, but due to circumstances ended up not being able to run with us. She still designed our awesome logo that we used on our shirt and on magnets that we used to tag other vans. It was a huge hit, we had other teams coming to us to specifically ask if they could have more magnets.


Shout Out To: Naawk

Naawk was one of the sponsors of the race, they make sunblock products. At the finish line while we were waiting for Jeni Jo to come in, I realized that I had wiped all of my sunblock off after my last leg and was starting to feel a little like I was roasting. I went to the Naawk tent to ask if they would spray me down. I was totally ready to just let them blast sunblock in my face, but they were kind enough to spray down my arms, legs, neck and then pull out a tube of cream to let me rub that into my face. Because of that, I didn’t end up with a sunburn! Whew!

Shout Out To: Fabulous Freddy’s

We stopped at the gas station Fabulous Freddy’s to put some gas in our rental van and wash the marker paint off the windows. Fabulous Freddy’s pumps gas for their patrons for no extra charge (or tip) as part of their excellent service. What was even more awesome, several of their employees came out with squirt bottles and paper towels to help us wash off our van’s windows. They did it with a smile as they asked us about our adventure.

Shout Out To: My Hubby

My hubby stayed at home with the baby while I went and played. Now, it’s true that I’ve basically occupied her for 14.5 months and it was his turn… but he made me feel relieved when he told me to “go have fun.” I do know he took her out to dinner on Friday night, which he said was hard to do, and he took her to get donuts on Saturday morning! So a little daddy-daughter date time was good for both of them!

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