October Bestowed Box

I reviewed a Bestowed box a while back. I’m excited to get the chance to review another box, especially given that the October one is all non-GMO! The Bestowed boxes are cool because all of the contents are curated by registered dietitian Heather Bauer.

Bestowed Box

It’s always fun getting a box full of goodies in the mail! Let’s break into it!


Way Better Snacks contain sprouted grains and seeds to increase the nutrients and allow for better absorption of those by the body. Oh… and they’re yummy.


I’ve bought bars from The Good Bean on several occasions. I like the idea of using garbanzo beans/chickpeas in different yummy snacks. This ones are good, and the heat keeps you from consuming the whole bag at once. At least, it keeps me from doing so.


The dark chocolate macaroon granola from Nature’s Path is part of their premium granola line… full of super tasty sounding flavors (like carrot cake!) Dump it on greek yogurt, it’s dessert!


My daughter’s school is nut-free… This trail mix from Enjoy Life is a no nuts seed and fruit mix that I could send with her, if she ate trail mix. The Beach Bash flavor contains pumpkin and sunflower seeds, pineapple, apricot and cranberries.


Hemp Pro 70 from Manitoba Harvest is a hemp protein powder. It doesn’t have much flavor, so it blends in with anything well. I had it in a smoothie with banana, pumpkin, spinach and almond milk, Tasty!


If I were to pick a flavor from all of the options of Fiber Love, Cinnamon Raisin would have been my absolute last choice. And it’s got 12g of fiber in a 130 calorie bar… I sometimes get scared of things with that high of fiber count due to the addition of psyllium and suck. I know a lot of people don’t get enough fiber, but I have to watch to make sure I don’t get too much! (At one point in my life, I was eating around 60g a day, that’s too much.)


Um…. it’s peanut butter cups. And that’s always awesome! You can read my whole post on UNREAL, they make great stuff!


I tried Ultima Replenisher about 3 or 4 years back and liked it. I bought every flavor I found at my local Whole Foods, but then it kind of fell off my radar. Kind of nice to be reintroduced. It’s a zero-calorie drink, with electrolytes, but no artificial sweeteners (it uses stevia and lo han guo.)

It also included a card for a one-year subscription to Women’s Health magazine, which I am debating if I will send in or not. I feel like women’s magazines are terrible in the way they perpetuate unrealistic ideals for women in terms of body image and appearance.

But the boxes are just $19 a month and I feel like there was definitely enough variety packed inside to justify that cost. If you’d like to save 50% on your first box, simply use the coupon code HELLOTEN103 before November 20!

Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.

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