UNREAL – Candy Unjunked

Who doesn’t enjoy receiving a box of candy?

UNREAL Candy Unjunked Box

Even better when it’s a health food!

UNREAL Candy Unjunked Box

Okay, maybe not a HEALTH food, but it’s also not as chemical-ish as most candy.

Enjoy the Better Good Stuff. Here's the UNREAL thing. We're on a tear to unjunk the world, starting with candy. Less sugar. No artificials. No hydrogenateds. No corn syrups. No preservatives. No GMOs. Only real ingredients and unjunking-believable taste.

 UNREAL candy is… well, candy unjunked. And they were kind enough to send me their whole lineup!

Check out this video:

They have fancy-schmancy big name people in it talking about the line-up in the clip. (Gisele Bundchen, Tom Brady, Matt Damon… my segment must have ended up on the editing room floor. Ha!) But beyond the celebrity endorsements, the thing that struck me the most was the story of the founder, a 13-year-old who had much of his Halloween candy taken away because it was “junk” and his dad told him, “Prove to me it isn’t bad and you can have it back.” Well, he researched and realized how much crap is allowed in the food we eat in this country… and couldn’t prove to his dad that the candy was okay.

Interesting things to note:

  • Artificial food dyes like Yellow 5, Red 40 and other artificial additives in America’s leading candies are banned in countries like the UK and France.
  • America’s favorite peanut butter cups contain TBHQ, which is also used as a corrosion inhibitor in biodiesel.
  • UNREAL uses plant compounds to color their food. (Like beets and turmeric!)
  • UNREAL has far less sugar than their mainstream counterparts.

But none of that stuff matters to the vast majority if it tastes bad, right?

Well… it doesn’t!

It tastes like… candy! Which is awesome, because we can all use a little sweetness in our lives at times, right?

(I refuse to use the terms good vs. bad in food… we shouldn’t assign moral values to food because we need food to survive. Just some things have more benefits to our body, some are beneficial to our palates and some are detrimental to our body. A single food can combine those attributes as well… so beneficial and tasty can co-exist!)

Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.


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