Lighten Up Guide to Sonic

Sonic - America's Drive-InMy hubby introduced me to the Sonic Ocean Water drink when we were dating, it’s super tasty! Then I stopped drinking calories (a silly rule to make an “absolute” but that’s another post) and kind of forgot about them.

Recently I was contacted and told about all the no- and low-calorie drink options available on Sonic’s menu. I was offered a Sonic gift card so I had the chance to go create some of my own concoctions. The possibilities are endless… well, technically there is a finite number of combos (398,929), but it would take a long time to get through all of those!

Here are my favorite combos I came up with:

Fauxjito: Sprite Zero w/ mint
This one was just refreshing. I really liked it was pleased with my choice.
This one is calorie-free.

Black & Blue Cokeanut: Coke Zero w/ blue coconut
This one is ugly… it actually turns almost a greenish color. White coconut was offered the second time I ordered this and it’s prettier, but it doesn’t make for as fun of a name.
This one weighs in at 5-20 calories, depending on the size.

Dr PP: Diet Dr Pepper w/ cranberry
Okay… the name for this is kind of juvenile humor, in that cranberry is used to treat UTIs. And while I highly doubt there is any real cranberry in the flavoring, it still makes for a fun name!
Another one at 5-20 calories, depending on the size.

Plus, a really cool thing Sonic has is Happy Hour! (No, it’s not alcohol…) Every day from 2-4pm all drinks and slushes are half price! Woo hoo!

Sonic Happy Hour logo on cup

I have had fun coming up with concoctions. They have Diet Coke, Sprint Zero, Coke Zero, Diet Dr. Pepper, as well as unsweetened iced tea and a diet green tea. Then you have all the different flavors you can add to those drinks: cherry, strawberry, pineapple, chocolate, vanilla, etc. And while people are free to get creative, every time I ordered, I was under the impression that people didn’t venture outside the box all that much. “You want blue coconut… in Coke Zero?” Why not… it’s fun to live a little!

Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.


    • Is it the carbonation or artificial sweeteners that bother you? If you like tea, I think you could try the unsweetened iced tea with some of the fun flavor add-ins! 🙂

      PS – Gut troubles are so unfair!

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