Taking Care of my Skin (Skin Authority 3-Week Check-in)

When Skin Authority contacted me and asked if I would like to give their services a test, I was excited. I had started to consider finding some kind of skin care routine to follow but then I got pregnant, so I held off. And while pregnant, it seems like I got meaner zits that left darker spots. I got several on my right temple throughout pregnancy and they all seemed to leave marks behind.

Skin Authority Products

So I was assigned a skin care coach, she asked me a series of questions about my skin type, skin care concerns, hopes for my skin care routine, how many steps I’m willing to do, etc. And after that she “prescribed” a set of products to use.



Here is a before shot of my skin. (I’m not a photographer and if I was truly scientific about this I would have a studio with the exact same lighting, same clothes, etc. for my before/afters! It’s a little too bright.) Skin cleaned, no makeup.


And here I am after using the line for 3 weeks. (I look better because the lighting is better.)


What’s that? You noticed the spots on my forehead that weren’t there before? Yeah… I got several little pimples. Those are healing up in this picture, on their way out the door. So I asked my skin care coach about that. She told me that when you begin a resurfacing program (which is what I’m doing) your skin tends to purge all the impurities and those tend to subside after 21 days. Voila… I’m at the 21 day point, and all of the little things that popped up seemed to be healing up and heading for the hills. My coach even sent me information on the first stage of skin rejuvenation, resurfacing. So now I’m 1/3 of the way through my process to “optimal skin health!”

I also asked about the specific instruction she gave me about applying the Daily Cleanser. She recommended that I apply it to dry skin and then add water. That seemed odd to me, I’ve never washed my face that way. But her explanation made sense to me… for the anti-bacterial benefit. The cleanser has 3% glycolic acid and when water is added that is neutralized. So you get the benefit of the acid from putting it on dry skin first, then adding water to get a little lather and rinse.

I like the way the products feel and going through the whole routine makes me feel a little like I’m pampering myself. And that is good for me, as a mommy I don’t give myself (aka take) enough ME time.

I’m really excited to continue using the Skin Authority products and see what the next couple phases of my skin rejuvenation unfolds. I’m also excited that I’m going to be able to share a giveaway with you guys for your own skin consultation. Watch for that next week!

Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.



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