Skin Authority 6-Week Check-in

6 weeks?! I’ve been using these Skin Authority products for 6 weeks now! I can’t believe it, mainly because it still feels like I’m doing something special for myself each time I use them. (Unlike brushing my teeth… which, in a way is doing something kind for myself but also is totally mundane and common that I hardly bat an eye at the process.)

Skin Authority Products

So to recap, here’s where I started:

Skin Authority - pre-program

And here’s the 3-week check-in:

Skin Authority 3 Weeks in

And here is the latest pic:

6-week Skin Authority check-in

I was kind of sad, thinking there wasn’t much difference in the actual appearance of my skin. However, in looking at the photos in sequence, I can see a difference in some spots. (Of course, like always… I’m not a pro at setting up the lighting and time-of-day on these shots, so there are some differences that could be from those.)

The biggest change I’ve noticed is in the way my skin feels. It is sooooooo much smoother. When I started using these Skin Authority products, my skin coach recommended to use one pump of several of the products and those early days I followed the “prescription” but it felt like I needed to use more. But now the products just seem to glide across my skin and absorb in so nicely, that the one pump is completely adequate. I’ve never had a product that seems like you might even need LESS of it over time. The health of my skin seems to have improved in such a way so that it almost feels like it uses the products better.

It’s been great being able to email my skin coach with questions. I had a question about using a Clarisonic brush with the cleanser, so I could just email her and ask. (Side note: I contemplated purchasing one for a birthday gift to myself… but I still haven’t bought myself anything for my birthday! That was on August 11!) She gave me some great tips about how I would incorporate that into my routine if I decided upon it.

I do look at my baby girl’s beautiful skin and think, “I wish I could restore my skin to that.” as well as “I don’t want her to get any scars ever!” but I logically know that isn’t a reality. So I’m happy that I’m able to work on making my 35-year-old skin as good as it can be.

Now to just eliminate stress from my life so I stop getting those stress-related breakouts/wrinkles! It’s really unjust that we have to deal with acne and wrinkles at the same time!

Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.

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