Week in Re/Preview

Updates on how my training/life is going:

Moms Run This Town

Moms Run This TownOn Thursday night I met up with another gal who I met through the local chapter of Moms Run This Town. Moms Run This Town is a free running club for moms. This is the first “mom group” type thing I’ve hooked up with, it seems like so many of them meet during the day while I’m working. To be honest, if another friend wasn’t one of the co-chapter leaders and hadn’t invited me, I probably still would be without mom group. I just don’t know how to approach those types of things!

One gal in our group threw out the idea of running on Thursday morning or evening in my area of town and I jumped on it. I was a little nervous, but it ended up great. There were supposed to be three of us running together Thursday evening, but one gal didn’t come. We had a lovely, nearly 6-mile run that evening that started with a light rain falling on us.

The only bad part was that I got home a little after 9:30. I try to go to bed by 10:00 each night, so I showered, made sure the baby’s food was ready and went to bed. It seems my body was not quite ready to wind down that quickly and I had a rough night of sleep, tossing and turning. I had nightmares that we forgot to pick the baby up from school and then my husband kept making all these stops on our way to get her: stopping to buy some obscure Chinese candy, going to a prepper superstore, stopping to take a nap. I woke up unrested and momentarily angry at my husband!

Feeling Pretty Remarkable

I started the intermediate phase of the Feeling Pretty Remarkable program last week. This one definitely feels like more of a workout and makes me break a sweat. It’s just reinforcing something I’ve known for a while… my balance sucks. I used to have fairly good balance, but now not as much. This started a few years ago and it might be ED related. But I need to work on all my little stabilizer muscles. This program will help… and I need to break out the Born 2 Run wobble board more often!

Feeling Pretty Remarkable

30 Day Challenge

I’ve also been doing this 30-day Beach Body Challenge for July. No… I’m not trying to get a “beach body” and I’m not going to a beach anytime soon. I just thought it seemed like a good challenge and would be easy to squeeze the exercises into my workday, take several breaks throughout the day to knock them out. They’re not all easy days… that would kind of be against the idea of a “challenge”, but they do fit into my work day. Everybody should stand up frequently if they’re stuck at a desk. And if you telecommute, you don’t even have the option of choosing to go talk with someone instead of emailing (one of the common recommendations in articles about workplace health). So this fits the bill for the month. I just have to say… I hate burpees.

30 Day Beach Body Challenge
Get the full plan at: http://30dayfitnesschallenges.com/classes/30-day-beach-body-challenge/


Since the baby decided to go on her nursing strike and I’m pumping, I’ve decided that I can wake up early in the morning to run. My hesitancy to do so before was that I WANTED to feed the baby myself, as opposed to pumping. But now that she won’t take milk directly from me and I have to pump, well… might as well run when it’s a little cooler out.

Shoe Selfie - 2013-07-15

I can’t get the baby to drink formula so far. I’ve tried giving it to her straight up, a tiny bit in breastmilk and mixed with apple juice… no go. She gags on it and throws the bottle aside. I’ve only tried Similac, since that’s the kind I was sent home from the hospital with. I’ve heard that some babies prefer different brands. But it really seems crazy to sit here and buy multiple cans of the stuff to try finding one she’ll eat for such a short time. Next week she’ll be 11-months-old. So… I don’t know. I’m still stuck exclusively pumping. I guess I can make that work, it’s just annoying and kind of a pain. (Sometimes literally a pain.)

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