Tribesports is running a discussion on what are some big game changing moments in sports. One of the items they included pertains to running:

The 4 minute mile was supposed to be unbreakable. Roger Bannister thought otherwise. #GameChanger

I agree, that’s a pretty big change. I’m also going to throw out Katherine Switzer running the Boston Marathon with a bib number. (Bobbi Gibb is the first woman to run the Boston Marathon, but she did so without a bib number. Katherine got in with a bib by registering as K. Switzer. There are lots of people that don’t realize that!) Katherine’s run brought a lot of visibility to women in running and opened the door for women to run distance events officially.

Weigh In! What are big game changing moments in running history? What do you think will be potential game changing moments to occur down the road?


    • I think Oscar Pistorius in the Olympics was progress toward that, but then it got set back by the whole murdered girlfriend stuff. 😦

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