Feeling Pretty Remarkable

Have you heard of the website Feeling Pretty Remarkable? They use the abbreviation of FPR, which can mean “Feeling Pretty Remarkable” or the more scientific “Functionally Progressive Rehabilitation.” They have a whole set of programs that are designed by doctors and are available as DVDs or as iOS apps. They have five programs as of this post: Injury-Free Running, Injury-Free Low Back, Injury-Free Knee, Injury-Free Golf and Injury-Free Pregnancy.

Feeling Pretty Remarkable

The programs can be used to rehabilitate an injury or used in injury-prevention… something all of us should be mindful of; it’s part of the reason we cross-train, stretch, foam roll, etc. Right?

On Monday I started the Injury-Free Running program. You’re supposed to do it 5 days a week, it’s just 20 minutes long and it’s a 12 week program. It was recommended to do it as part of a warm-up or cooldown when running, but I don’t have time to do it then… since I’ve been trying to get in my run after the baby goes to bed. I have two hours between the baby’s bedtime and my bedtime to get in a run, shower, prep her food for the following day… adding in the program at that time doesn’t work. So I have been doing it as my lunch break each day.

Honestly… it feels pretty easy thus far. But that’s the design of it… it’s “Functionally Progressive”, so it’s going to build over the weeks. I like that there are explanations as I do the exercises that tells me that move is going to help with opening the hips which will help support the knee, or stretching the lats will help reduce pressure on the pelvis, and other tips like that.

The instructors/coaches of the programs are pros in their fields. For instance, one of the people behind this specific program is Mike Ryan, the head physical therapist for the Jacksonville Jaguars. So you know they have to know their stuff if they’re helping people who’s entire profession is centered on their health and ability to prevent injury.

I have the iOS version of the app and I love the convenience of this format. All of the videos are available on my iPad and I can do the program anywhere I have access to a chair (or some kind of surface at that same height) and a small towel. (You use it to help pull into a stretch or folded between your knees on a move… not for mopping up buckets of sweat!)

Feeling Pretty Remarkable - Injury-Free Running welcome
The welcome screen on app launch
Feeling Pretty Remarkable - Injury-Free Running instructor
The instructor and the exercise demo model in one of the videos for the “Limber” phase of the program.
Feeling Pretty Remarkable - Injury-Free Running quad stretch
The instructor helping the model on the last exercise of the program in the “Lengthen” segment.

I kind of figured that I would check in and share how the program feels at the end of each phase and my thoughts on what I feel it is or isn’t doing for my running. But it feels good to have some kind of program that is designed to help me improve, like I have some kind of goal/focus during these hot summer months when I’m not training for any race in particular and am just trying to maintain a base.

Feeling Pretty Remarkable - Injury-Free Running log screen
My completion log for one week of Phase One.

The app is $19.99, which seems kind of expensive for an app… but when you think about the program you are getting and compare it to what people spend on DVD programs that are supposed to last several weeks long… it’s pretty comparable (or even a bargain if you compare it to that program with a name that is kind of like O89-W. Get the pattern I’m using there?) The DVD version of this program is $29.99.

Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.



  1. This looks interesting. Is the app only for Apple? I have an android but the Injury-Free Pregnancy one might be good, especially as I head into the last month. Curious to see how it works out for you.

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